Friday, February 15, 2013

Of Clinical Exams

I think I may have failed the exams today.


In my Short Case Session with Dr.Ayu, it was a total disaster. Seriously.


In the end of session, Dr.Ayu asked me, Do you know what you did wrong in the exam?

I answered, Yes, I did not measure the clinical fundal heights properly. I did not how to examine scar tenderness.

Then Dr.Ayu added, You are not systematic. And you are causing pain to the patient. Do you realize that?

Yes, I answered apologetically.

And as we all know, if you cause pain to the patient, it is a straight FAIL.

Arghh. I hate myself.

I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, my marks for Long Case Session with Dr.Raja Arif will cover my Short Case mark. However, on second thoughts...

I may have failed the Long Case as well.


Because I got hypertension case and I did not measure Blood Pressure during PE.

Why oh why didnt I do that?

Because she told me that her BP that day was 120/80 so I assumed it was going to be normal.

You ASSUME? You ASSUME? You should check the BP yourself!!!

And Dr.Raja directly said to me, In the exam, if you got a case of hypertension and you did not measure BP, you will fail the exam.

See? FAIL!

Arghhh. I hate myself.

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