Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Football Match Pahang vs JDT


We were sad that the match was postponed due to crowd disturbance.

So much for our first-time experience watching a live football match, eh? Hahaha

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Whats New #readitreaditreadit

1) First week of Surgery ended. Tomorrow is holidayyy!! Yay! From next week onwards, it'll be an 8am-to-5pm ward work in the hospital. #itisgoingtobetiringibet

2) Finally (after waiting for weeks) we have Streamyx Wifi here in our new rented house! Its a bit slow though. #indesperateneedofinternet

Messy wires. Need a new bigger computer table.
3) And my Dad had Astro Beyond installed in my parents' bedroom. Nice! #watchtvinhdiscool

There you go! :)
4) Need to go to the hospital, clerk a case and prepare a Long Case for session with Mr.Fadzil next week. Hopefully I will not be the one presenting! #pleasepleasepleasedontpickmemrfadzilplease

5) Cant wait to break fast - My parents will buy Secret Recipe food!! Thank youuuuu Umi Abahh #lotsofloveformyparents


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Surgery Logbook

That's how it looks like. Surgical procedures that we need to perform are >1 each ;) 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

AHHHHH Zalora is here!! :D

I almost screamed in delight upon receiving the parcel from abang GD Express yesterday noon. Haha. 

Delivered straight to your doorstep! :D
Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy :D
Go visit and go to the SALE section - they have many cool items there!
From RM37 to RM15 - Thats over 50% discount for a top! :D

I ordered the items on Thursday, I got 'em all on Friday! How quick is that!!

It says in the email: 'Our aim is to have your items shipped to you as fast as possible. Therefore if you purchased more than one item, you may receive your items in multiple packages, delivered at different times. 
The delivery times of your products range from 1-3 business days and up to 7 – 14 business days depending on the location it is sourced from. Please note estimated delivery times that is stated at each product page.'

I love you, Zalora!! AHHHHHHH :D

Friday, May 17, 2013

Of A Penpal

This morning over breakfast, I told my Dad that I am expecting a letter/parcel from my new penpal in America. Since we have moved to a new house, I had to give my Dad's work address as the mailing address. I told my Dad to bring it home to me if it reaches his office. 

My Dad jokingly said that he has the right to open up any mail on behalf of his daughters. I insisted that he can't do that! (That's why I prefer not to use my Dad's work address because the mail has to go through him first, only then to me. Haha)

My Mom was with us too at that time. At the same moment, my Mom and my Dad asked this very same question:

"Is it a boy or a girl?"

"Of course it's a girl!", I answered almost abruptly.

My Dad, being skeptical as always, questioned whether the girl is really a girl or not. He said that you cant always trust people from the internet. They could pretend to be someone else!

Way to ruin my excitement, Dad. Haha

I wonder what my parents will react if I told them that my penpal is a guy instead of a girl. Well, it's absolutely not true because this penpal of mine is a student nurse, 22 year old Muslim lady named Amanda. She is married to a guy from England.

But what if I told them that, I have a penpal whose name is, say... John, a 29 year old good-looking guy from the US, works as a teacher in a private school in California. I like him a lot! - but here's a catch, he is not a Muslim! 

What would my parents say to that?!

Probably my Dad would joke that he is not real, just an imaginary guy in my imaginative, immature mind. Haha.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Mom's Stuffs

So here are my Mom's documents:

Hahhh can you read them? :P
Maahad Muhammadi Kelantan Alumni :D
SRP aka PMR (My Mom was sick with typhoid fever at this time)
SPM (Got 7 in History, hehe)
Anyways, my Mom was excellent in her SMU! Sijil Peringkat 1 tu... :D
Her STU :D
Level of marks in exams

My Mom's Antenatal Card for my younger sister, born in 2000. 
I was born in 1990 - the lightest kid in the family! :D
My youngest sister was born in 2005, so there are 6 girls altogether~

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Dad's Stuffs

I found these when I arranged the files in our old cabinet:

UKM Graduate :D

Hence, I was born in Kuala Terengganu :) 

That's what 'Penyata Gaji' looks like back in the 80s :)

My Dad's SRP aka PMR result - Sijil Pangkat A :D
Tawarikh = Sejarah, Ilmu Alam = Geografi, Ilmu Hisab Moden = Math

My Dad's SPM result and his 'Sijil Berhenti Sekolah' from Sekolah Alam Shah :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Moving Away

Our house will be renovated soon. So we have moved to a 'new' house temporarily (maybe for about 7-8 months)

The rented house is located very near to our house. See?

The new house is a bit small, but not bad at all. I love the garden! :D

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Of Paediatric Exams

Theory exam on 3/5/13 was a bit chaotic since I didnt have enough time to answer a few PMP sub-questions.

The Cases were:

1. A child presented with generalized tonic clonic seizures 4 times in a day, less than 5 minutes with post-ictal drowsiness. On examination, afebrile.

2. A child with dyspnea and cyanosis. On examination, pansystolic murmur heard with displaced apex beat.

3. A child came with high grade fever, retroorbital pain and joint pain. On examination, tachycardia and hypotension.

ps. There were questions asked on pathophysiology of VSD and the mechanisms of left-to-right shunt (ASD and PDA)! 

And I was like, SERIOUSLY??

On the MCQ/OBA questions, there were few difficult questions too. Some of them were repeating questions from years before.

So, please make sure you do your compilations! :D

Clinical exam today was okay, I think. 

I suck in Short Case. Haha

LONG CASE (Dr. Ghaffar Nagi)

Case: Viral Croup

1 year 4 month old Malay boy presented with:
fever for 2/7
cough for 2/7
fast and noisy breathing for 1/7
reduced oral intake 1/7

child alert, conscious, comfortable, not in pain or respiratory distress
not on nasal prong/oxygen mask
inspiratory stridor, hoarseness of voice and barking cough heard
on auscultation, bronchial breathing heard over both lungs
inspiratory rhonchi heard but no crepitations

1. Can this be a case of TB? Why do you ask contact of TB in this child then?
No because the fever is only for 2 days duration 

2. How do you know this is VIRAL croup?
Because it is common among child this age, and there was history of URTI in the family (his sister) before the child got the symptoms

3. Ddx of Stridor
Laryngomalacia, Laryngeal atresia, Subglottic stenosis, Epiglottitis, Tonsils/Adenoid hypertrophy, Foreign body insertion

4. Investigations
Lateral neck X-Ray, CXR, FBC

5. Prognosis
Good because it is self-limiting. Antibiotics as prophylaxis.

SHORT CASE (Dr. Aye Aye)

12 year old Malay child, alert, conscious, not in pain or respiratory distress

1. Inspect the child's face. What do you see?
Facial puffiness, periorbital swelling and almost fused eyebrows (hirsutism?)

2. Do general examination

3. Do systemic examination (shifting dullness and fluid thrill only)
They were all negative

4. Diagnosis
Post-streptococcal AGN because there were signs of skin infection (scars) on her abdomen, hands and legs, plus the facial puffiness and periorbital and mild pedal edema up to mid-shin.

ps. Got scolded by Dr because I didnt recognize the marked facial puffiness. She asked me several times about what was wrong in the child'd face. She even grabbed another patient, asking me to compare their faces.

At first I kept silent because I couldnt see anything on her face. Then I said flat nasal bridge (which was stupid, I know. the kid was not Down Syndrome). Dr rolled her eyes at me. Flat nasal bridge? See again!

Then I said, she looked pale? Dr.Aye Aye shook her head and muttered something to herself. Id rather not know what she said.

Seeing that I still couldnt answer her question, she asked me to do general inspection. While I introduced myself to the child, I asked her quietly.

'Dik, adik masuk ni sebab apa?'
'Sebab buah pinggang, dengan darah tinggi'

Ahaaaa AGN! At the same time, Dr. asked me again. I confidently said, hirsutism. She said, HIRSUTISM? How can you say hirsutism? Because of the eyebrows fuse together? She said something which I couldnt hear.

How can you not see? Dont you have eyes? What was wrong in the child's face?


Yes, facial puffiness! She sighed.

I breathed a sigh of relief too.

What a day. I am really really bad in Short Case *sigh*