Friday, May 17, 2013

Of A Penpal

This morning over breakfast, I told my Dad that I am expecting a letter/parcel from my new penpal in America. Since we have moved to a new house, I had to give my Dad's work address as the mailing address. I told my Dad to bring it home to me if it reaches his office. 

My Dad jokingly said that he has the right to open up any mail on behalf of his daughters. I insisted that he can't do that! (That's why I prefer not to use my Dad's work address because the mail has to go through him first, only then to me. Haha)

My Mom was with us too at that time. At the same moment, my Mom and my Dad asked this very same question:

"Is it a boy or a girl?"

"Of course it's a girl!", I answered almost abruptly.

My Dad, being skeptical as always, questioned whether the girl is really a girl or not. He said that you cant always trust people from the internet. They could pretend to be someone else!

Way to ruin my excitement, Dad. Haha

I wonder what my parents will react if I told them that my penpal is a guy instead of a girl. Well, it's absolutely not true because this penpal of mine is a student nurse, 22 year old Muslim lady named Amanda. She is married to a guy from England.

But what if I told them that, I have a penpal whose name is, say... John, a 29 year old good-looking guy from the US, works as a teacher in a private school in California. I like him a lot! - but here's a catch, he is not a Muslim! 

What would my parents say to that?!

Probably my Dad would joke that he is not real, just an imaginary guy in my imaginative, immature mind. Haha.

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