Thursday, May 23, 2013

Whats New #readitreaditreadit

1) First week of Surgery ended. Tomorrow is holidayyy!! Yay! From next week onwards, it'll be an 8am-to-5pm ward work in the hospital. #itisgoingtobetiringibet

2) Finally (after waiting for weeks) we have Streamyx Wifi here in our new rented house! Its a bit slow though. #indesperateneedofinternet

Messy wires. Need a new bigger computer table.
3) And my Dad had Astro Beyond installed in my parents' bedroom. Nice! #watchtvinhdiscool

There you go! :)
4) Need to go to the hospital, clerk a case and prepare a Long Case for session with Mr.Fadzil next week. Hopefully I will not be the one presenting! #pleasepleasepleasedontpickmemrfadzilplease

5) Cant wait to break fast - My parents will buy Secret Recipe food!! Thank youuuuu Umi Abahh #lotsofloveformyparents


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