Monday, June 10, 2013

A Bit of Today

1. This morning I parked my car in front of a small house, blocking a bit of its entrance. Since the parking areas were full and I wanted to park for only a few minutes (I need to go inside campus, sign the attendance and go back into the car), I thought it was okay. So I rushed inside, went out.. only to see that another car was trying to squeeze into the gate entrance to get into the house area, a few inch away from my car. An uncle was putting a triangle orange cone on top of my car, as a warning not to park there. The moment I watched him, I was like Uh-Oh...

I went closer to him, putting my best apologetic smile on, and said sorry over and over again. His friends came out of the house to have a look. The uncle said its okay because I only went inside for a short time. I said sorry again. A friend of him said that I was forgiven since I am a girl. It would be different if a guy did what I did.

I was like, Ohh. So I get away with it just because I am a girl? How cool is that? I should try doing another kind of mistake then, lets see if I will be 'forgiven' as well. Hahahaha.

2. In the Ward, we get to see 2 housemen performing Central Venous Pressure cannulation! That was the first time we saw that and it looked painful, with blood coming out from the cannula inserted into the vein. The patient had Intestinal Obstruction, so we need to put CVP to measure his intravascular volume (dehydration can cause reduce volume). In the late evening, we saw a houseman put in a bladder catheter into a 17-year-old male with Guillain Barre Syndrome (Amman variant). Yeah, we were inside the Medical Ward, looking for any procedures available at that time.

3. Watching Medical Officers doing their rounds was interesting. They can be intimidating to fellow housemen when something was done wrong by the HOs. I tried to keep my distance away from the moody MOs - I dont wanna get into trouble with them!

4. Long Case with Mr.Ahmad Faidzal was awesome! He is like, the coolest surgeon ever! I like him already.

5. I need to get ready to break fast now. I have to go shower!!!


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