Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Hazy Weekend!

Haze Oh Haze...
API in Muar spikes at 746!! Air Pollution Level > 301 = Hazardous!
Source: wiki


When I had my Saturday On-Call, I didnt realise that the haze was that bad here in Kuantan. 

But today, when I went out - boy oh boy... it was suffocating outside!

Ready for a date....
(that is a pair of brand-new wedges, btw. Hehehe)
...with my sister! Hahaha
We went to UTC (Urban Transformation Centre) near Stadium Darul Makmur, Kuantan... renew my passport!
[If you want to renew your passport, don't forget to bring 2 passport-size photos of yourself. But if you dont have them, dont worry. There's a photo booth inside the centre - RM12 for 4 pictures, you have to wear black/dark scarf though]

The officer at the counter was super 'friendly'. When he looked at the height section on my 2006 passport, he asked me, '152?' I thought that he was asking for the payment. But then he said, '152 tinggi? Naik 2 cm je ke?'

I felt like hiding under the table and covered my face in shame! Hahaha. I pretended to laugh and turned my face away to watch the TV. Maybe he realised that I was feeling uncomfortable, so he started a small talk.

'Student lagi ke?'
'Haah student'
'Kat mana'
'Ohh.. UIA..'

I glanced at his fingers. A ring there. I smiled.

'Nak gi mana ni?'
'Wow Korea. Sorang ke?'
'Taklah. Dengan adik and kakak..'

After the process was done, I was asked to complete the payment at another counter. RM100 for 2 years renewal, RM300 for 5 years and if you bring student offer letter of your university, then you get 50% discount. I just knew that!! Since I didnt bring much money, I chose the RM100.

It took an hour to get the passport ready, so me and my sister decided to take a tour inside the UTC to kill our free time. 

All government offices/services in one place.. Awesome!
UTC opens every day from 8am till 10pm. It has post office there, MARA, PDRM, JPJ, ATMs and many more! There is a Gymnasium at Level 3! It looks very cool, I wanna go there to work out!!! At 12pm, we get the passport and headed back home.

There. The new 'cooler' passport on top.
And the more 'matured' me. Hahaha
Except Israel :)
I didnt go anywhere in 2007 because I was in Form 5, I need to focus on my SPM.

In 2012 last year, I chose not to follow my family travelling because I just started my Clinical Year, and Internal Medicine was downright scary. Haha

Now in 2013 - KOREA here I come!!! :D

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