Saturday, June 29, 2013

Clinic, OT, Outing & Online Stuff

So Friday. Many things happened that day. I'll sum them up for ya!

1. Clinic. We attended clinic with Mr.Ahmad Faidzal (one case), Dr.Aisyah HO (one case) and Mr.Faiz (a few cases) this morning. As usual, Mr.Faiz taught us things. Like the differentials of dysphagia (benign condition like oesophageal stricture/spasm, malignancy of stomach, pharyngeal or oesophagus, esophagitis, achalasia etc.), types of biopsy (excisional, incisional/wedge, core/trucut), investigations in achalasia (XRay, OGDS, Barium swallow, Esophageal manometry) and a few more things.

2. OT. After Asar, we went to see Urology cases in the OT. Dr.Hafiz (MO) was there to handle the patients. There were 5 cases at that time, with procedures like Removal of Stent (ROS) and Cystoscopic Examination (CE). We met our friends, the student nurses from UIA in the OT. They were in the evening shift from 2 till 9pm.

Selfies when no one was looking. Too bad you cant see us smile :D
Only two of us since our other friends were studying in the break room
It's not easy to get these green shoes!
3. Outing. At 6pm, me and my family went out for dinner and shopping. My two sisters came back home from their hostel for weekend holiday. My Dad bought a watch for every one of us! Yay Yay I got a new watch! It's a black one too :)

4. Online Stuff. The parcels had arrived at my house this evening. I bought a few cardigans and a pair of shoes (a reaaaallly cool one!)

You HAVE to see this!

Asked my sister to help me taking photos. I was in my sleeping outfit.
That orange cardigan is new. So are the shoes!
ps. sorry the room was a bit messy, hehe

How can you not LOVE these? :D
Tomorrow morning (that is today), I have to go to town to buy my sister some stuff. I am still not sure if I want to go to the hospital or not.

I need to read and study though...

Ahhhh. I want a day off please. A day when I can get up late in the morning, listen to music in bed and do my own stuff. No reading. No studying. No handphone.

But laptop is a yes! Hahaha.

ps. Since a friend of mine told me that there is no such word as stuffs (stuff is the right term), so I had corrected the mistakes. Learning from a native English speaker is such an honour! (he's an American) :D

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