Thursday, June 20, 2013

Random Videos

What do New York people think about Muslims in general? Interestinggg

Can I go with you? :)

Awww Taylor.. :')

I think Id have a heart attack..

What about our promises?

Miley Cyrus's Who Owns My Heart is definitely better than We Can't Stop. Waaaayy better. I cant put her MV on We Can't Stop here because I regard it as highly inappropriate. Hahaha

I like the old, good Miley! Bring her back pleasee :(

And Psy's Gentleman MV? Eww.

This is scary. Seriously!

ps. Still need to work on my Case Write Up tonightt. The due date is TOMORROWWWW!!

AHHHHH. Last minute work is no fun! :(

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