Friday, June 14, 2013

The Friday

1. I started the day with my left foot drenched in drain water. Luckily my Mom kept a pair of spare socks in her car. (I hate driving my Mom's car to school. It makes me feel small!)

That drain. I hate you.

Moral of the story: Watch your steps carefully!! Hahaha 

2. I watched my friends clerked few patients who were in pain and seemed irritated. If it were up to me, I wouldnt dare to talk to those kind of patients. I mean, imagine that you are in a lot of pain and some students (who are not even qualified doctors yet) came up to you to ask questions - the same exact questions that the housemen asked few days/hours earlier! Wont you be pissed off? 

Ahhhh I really hope that I will not get fussy patients during clinical exam!

3. Mr.Chan is a really nice neurosurgeon. He is very friendly to patients and their relatives too. He always go to the Ward at 8am everyday. #respect

4. Mr.Rudy doesnt teach medical students anymore. He seems kind, it would be really cool if we could learn from him

5. We get to know Mr.Faiz (new lecturer) in the clinic today. He is an ex-UIA student, he did his Masters in UKM. We learned a lot from him! We watched our senior did breast examination and he taught us stuffs like staging and risk factors of breast cancer etc. He also told us stories too. He is Dr.Naim's senior! :D

6. My sleeping schedule is a bit off nowadays. Sometimes I sleep at 12am, or even as late as 2-3am if I have to finish case essay or study for tutorial and most of the time I went to bed as early as 10pm!!

7. Have to go for bedside teachings with Dr.Yusuf now. I'll write more later. ByeBye :)

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