Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tiring Tuesday

1. So today was OT day. Me and my friends went to the operation theatre to observe an operation of a patient with rectosigmoidal carcinoma. They planned to do laparoscopy KIV laparotomy. 

The uncle was a 68-year-old Malay, a chronic smoker, presented with per rectal bleeding, tenesmus, altered bowel habit as well as constitutional symptoms (lethargy, loss of weight and appetite). He had underlying ischaemic heart disease, bronchitis as well as hypertension. There was no family history of malignancy or polyps. 

Regarding laparotomy, the surgeons made a long midline incision on the abdomen, cut through all the abdominal layers and got inside. They got the intestines and omentum out of the body through the incision - and checked every segments for abnormalities. Watching the surgeons 'play' with the sausage-like large intestines, it was kinda cool. I wonder how does it feel like to touch it... rubbery? smooth? firm? It did look like a balloon though. I imagined poking it with a toothpick and it explodes! Haha. Okay, that was cruel.

Prof.Azmi, Mr.Fadel and Mr.Luqman were the surgeons in-charge. The MOs were Dr.Ezmas and Dr.Salleh. The only HO there was Dr.Insafiyah. The operation started at 11.30am and ended at 4.30pm! It was tiring, no joke about that. But we got to see Bladder catheterisation, Laparoscopy, Laparotomy, Colonoscopy AND Sigmoidoscopy! It was 5 hours of awesomeness! :D

2. After OT, I went to the Ward to 'cover' patients in my cubicle. There was a patient with Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA), an uncle with non-functioning fistula (he wants to insert Vascular Graft), severe acute gastritis, gluteal abscess, 2 appendicitis patients and a few more I cant remember. I left my notebook in my car, and I am too lazy to get it. Hahaha

I went downstairs to the female Ward. I wanted to find a breast lump case for our bedside teaching. I met one auntie with advanced breast carcinoma (mastectomy done) with metastasis to liver and brain (she had hepatomegaly). Next to her was another auntie with the same problem. But she couldnt move her right arm. She had fever and looked lethargic. She still has the lump since she refused operation few months ago. Now that the cancer cells had spread to other organs, there is no use of operation. She will undergo chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells later. I would love to examine her, but seeing her in pain, I didnt have the heart to trouble her :(

3. By 5.30pm, I drove back home. Yeah, it was late. I usually went back before 5 or at 5pm. On the highway, there were lots of cars and lorries - I couldnt speed up as usual!! The speed limit is 90km/h, can you believe that? It's the highway, come onn! They should have set it to 110!! Seriously!

4. At 6.30pm, I had my 30-minutes biking exercise. I gotta have these songs on my mp3! Listening to online radio while working out was no fun!

When this song came out, I felt like lying on my bed, close my eyes and feel the music! This is totally NOT the best workout song! Haha

5. Then after shower, out of the blue, my 8-year-old sister suddenly asked me to drive her to 7 Eleven to buy a drinking can for her project at school tomorrow. I was like, What? Whyyy? You couldnt tell me that any sooner?! I started nagging at her for about 5 minutes, only then I agreed.

My parents went to Bali for a few days, so I have to be responsible for whatever happens in the house. That means - I have to deal with that little annoying sister one way or another. Otherwise, she will keep asking and asking until she gets tired. 

Plus, my parents will be back home soon at 12am. I definitely dont want them to hear my sister complaining about me not being 'responsible'. And I am using my own money to buy her stuffs! It's not just a can, but two! And an M&M! And cookies! I think I have told her to buy only A CAN - no more than that. But did she listen to me? DID SHE?!

Ahhhhh. Kids nowadays. They never listen.

Okay okay. I'll stop now.

I have to study (or sleep) anyway.

Ive got more to tell, but I think I'll write 'em later.

You have a good day okayy! :)

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