Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mix & Match Outfits

This post is intended for girls only. Because I am going to talk a bit about fashion. Girl stuff. I am no expert in that field but sharing is caring, rightt? :D

For the guys, well... I cant ask you to leave this page. That would be rude. Read it if you want, but its gonna be a very boring topic for you. Don't say that I havent warn ya!

So now I am going to tell you girls where you can get an outfit... this one!

First: The Floral Print Dress worth RM39 from Zalora
The colour is different, but the pattern is similar to mine. Brown is out of stock. Oh, and the V neckline should be at the back, not front! Funny story about that. Hahaha

Secondly, The Front Oval Shape Drape Cardigan worth RM30 from Eraine
Only purple colour is available now. Other colours are out of stock!

Thirdly, The Plain Shawl worth RM29 from Zalora. 
Wonderful bright-coloured shawls from Asian Ethnic

Then the last one is The Sneaker Wedges worth RM79 from Agape
Out of stock!! :D

The pants? Well, mine is from Kikilala. Hahaha. 

I was thinking of wearing a light blue trousers to complete the Colour Block theme, but I dont have any bright pants! I only have black and brown (different shades of brown).

I bought a pair of red trousers at Giant (yeah, the supermarket Giant!) worth RM29.99 but it was kinda tight. I can fit into the pants, but my Mom would NEVER (never in a million years!) approve of me wearing THAT when I go out. Too sexy! Hahaha

You have NO idea how hard it is to get a decent picture! 

So I take you to my bedroom instead! :D

Oh? This one is what I call a 'Giant' outfit.
Because I bought all of them from Giant! (except the shawl)
The Cardigan (RM29.99), Men's Shirt (RM13.99) and Checkered Long Pants (RM14.99)

It's amazing how cheap these clothes are! The quality is quite okay too! We should all go to Giant and buy clothes there! *promote promote*

ps. I am writing this post in that outfit right now. Minus the shawl and cardigan of course, hehehe

Now you know where I buy my stuff. Go check out the websites, they are having Raya Sale! Zalora gives you 10% discount card when you buy their stuff. I like!


Monday, July 29, 2013

KL Trip

I am gonna start with this:

On the messy bed
I am now at Equatorial Hotel, Bangi with my sister. We drove to KL this morning, after we went to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara to renew our IC. We took turns driving, I drove to Gombak and my sister continued driving to Bangi.

We went to a boutique first, then checked in to the hotel. We slept for like 2 hours before we went to Bazaar to buy food for break fast.

My sister then sent me back to the hotel because she had appointment with her friends. Since I was left alone, what better thing to do other than taking pictures, right? Hehe

The view

From the balcony
Look at what I found!!
Who wants a postcard? Haha

While my sister gone, I watched Qari Junior after shower. The hot shower was sooo good!!
I spent a good time in the bathtub, haha
Had fried kuey teow for break fast. Prayed jama' and tarawih. Had Nescafe Decaf. Ahh I LOVE having hot beverage in a cold room! Like right now.

I am cold but I dont wanna turn off the AC :D
My sister had come back from her meeting and we are ready for bed now. Have to sleep early because we have to wake up for Sahur tomorrow. On our own. We bought rice and chicken chop, dont wanna let the food go to waste! And we will drive back home tomorrow morning too!

Am on my tab. So I cant share a MV here. Have I told you that my dad got me a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3? 

Yeah I am using it now. I gave my Tab 2 to my sister.

This one is a bit smaller, but the screen size is still the same. Worth RM1099, with 3G and Wifi. However, it kept hanging when I use blogger. Pfftt. So much for the high-speed processor.

I need some time to readjust to this new tab. As for now, I dont like it yettt!! It is so slowwww!!

Gotta sleep gotta sleepp. You have a gooddd dayyy!!! :D

Sunday, July 28, 2013

From London :)

1. On Saturday morning, my family and I went out for Eid shopping! Me and Jehan went out first to UTC, then I drove to ECM to join our parents and sisters there.

The mall was so packed with people! And this 'newly-designed' Kuantan roads gave me a bit of a problem. I am already bad at memorising streets and maps, now that they have changed most of the roads to one-way-lanes, that doubles the troubles!

We had to use Jockey service worth RM15 because the parking was full!

2. My Mom's birthday is today, 28/7. She is now sweet 47! :D

So yesterday, my sisters and I decided to buy her a cake. And surprise her!

Her hidden birthday gift :)
The cake! (so untouchable!) and so secret LOL

3. My uncle and his family came for visit too. We break fast together at our house and had the yummy (and extremely sweet) cake after Maghrib prayer.

My adorable cousin, Afia. I totally LOVE her gown! :D
My uncle is 37 and his wife is 35. They have 3 sons and 3 daughters. And they are all so beautifulll! Their youngest son, about 2 months of age is named Naufal. I held him and put him to sleep! Well, more like sang him to sleep! He is such a cute babbyyyy!!

4. My eldest sister had come back home from her London trip. And she brought us stuff! :D 

So many! 
Her stuff
And we got shoes!!!! Mine is the black ones :)
Dr. Martens!
I gotta remember my shoes size! 4 UK, 37 EU and 6 US.
Made in China LOL
And and I got another pair of shoes!
She said 1 Euro is about RM5. So the shoes are only RM15!
They are still pretty anywayy!
Our shoes ;)
Ohh London!! When can I go thereee?!

I just realised that I have the smallest feet among my siblings! (my little sister excluded) My shoe size is 4, Jehan is one size bigger than me, Izzah is two sizes up while Shadow and Kak Nor are three sizes larger.

Wow. I am so small! *sigh* 

5. Reading about news on Egypt, it really makes me sad.

Whyyy oh whyyy?! :(

6. It's really late now. Earlier, I planned on writing my letter to Amanda. But I don't have the mood now.  

Well that sounds familiar, hahaha

7. Yeah. No music video.

Can't think of a song to match my mood for tonightt.


Byebyeeee :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Movie Marathon!

Hello hello hello! I am backkk! Do you miss me? :D

I just finished watching several movies on my laptop - that's why I am such in a good mood! I had 'Hansel & Gretel' and 'The Croods' last night, but tonight I had 'Skyfall 007', 'Taken 2' and 'G.I.Joe Retaliation'! The last movie was aweesommeee! How do they make such a cool action movie like that?! I LOVE it!

But I still love The Croods among all! Do you know the scene where Guy made a pair of shoes for Eep and she shrieked in delight? That was sooo cute! And and another scene where Guy was on top of this tall place and he let the flowers fell down to Eep? Awwwww. Guy is such a nice guy! Can I have him?! *dreamy eyes*

Okay okay that's enough. Hahahaha.

I went out to ECM with my sister this morning. When I asked her to go window shopping, she refused. But when I told her that she can have her birthday present from me, she quickly agreed! Hahaha that's how you get your sister to go shopping with you! 

So she bought this RM70 shoes! I gave her RM30 only, she'll claim the rest from my Dad.
Actually I was the one who caught sight of this shoes!
But there were none of my size! How sad, I knowww!

See? They are two-fingers loose on me! Her size is 39!
Ahhhh I'll buy a new pair of cooler and cuter shoes next time!

And today we break fast at my sister's school near our house. We walked there. 

From left: Me, Syakirah aka Shadow, Izzah and Jehan

Hmmm what else do I wanna tell you? Ohh yeahh about our house.

Our 'real' house. Tah-daaa!!

It is.... almost finished?!
Nahh I dont think so. Still a long way to go.

And here's another thing: OUR KOREA TRIPP!!! :D

That's my personal calendar btw. Can you understand the handwritings there? Hahaha

I'll explain later. I'll even Google you the pictures of our booked guesthouses. I'll do that later, kay?

Because right now I feel like watching 'A Good Day to Die Hard' :D

Ohh. Before that.

Ohh really?

Okay fine.
There. I said post it.

ps. That's the real heart btw. Just for you.
Am I sweet or Am i sweet? ;)

And as usual, a music video before I go!

Okay I am done now.

Will you excuse me, please?


I wanna go anyway! Hahaha

Talk to you laterrrr! :D

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Enddd of Exammm!!! :D

So for you geeks, here are the questions asked by Mr.Nazli and Mr.Khadri. During session with Mr.Nazli, he was more like a teacher than an examiner. I like him! And Mr.Khadri, I used to be scared of him. But he was actually okay! Please let me have a PASS, doctors! I dont ask much, just a pass will do.

LONG CASE: Acute gastritis
Examiner: Mr. Nazli

Naga, 68 year old Indian man with no underlying medical illness, admitted two days ago, presented with 2 weeks history of epigastric pain associated with loss of appetite. The pain was sudden in onset, intermittent in nature, pain score 6/10, radiated to lower abdomen, relieved by lying flat, aggravated by food.

No other associated gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, hematemesis, melena, heartburn, dysphagia. No other respiratory, cardiovascular or hepatobilary symptoms.

He had similar episodes of epigastric pain two years ago, but milder. Went to KK, OGDS and colonoscopy were done. The result revealed inflammation of gastric lining. He was given medications and he took them daily for one year. The pain resolved after one year, but now he presented with worsening epigastric pain.

He did not smoke or drink alcohol, no history of taking NSAIDs and no family history of gastritis or malignancy.

On abdominal examination, tenderness at lower abdomen (right and left iliac fossa, hypogastric). PR was normal.

Questions (Most of them are Mr.Nazli's answers, not mine! Hahaha)

1. 5 differential diagnosis.
Gastritis, Gastric ulcer, Duodenal Ulcer, GERD, Bile reflux

2. Why diagnosis is Gastritis, not Peptic Ulcer?
Because there was no hematemesis or melena (ulcer causes bleeding). The patient also had history of gastritis and OGDS confirms the findings.

3. Difference between Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer.
Duodenal ulcer worsens when eating food. Patient drinks milk to relieve pain. Patient will have increased in weight.

4. Characteristic feature of GERD.

5. If this patient came with vomiting of blood, what are you thinking of?
Perforated gastric ulcer 

6. How do you manage the patient?
Stabilize the patient, do blood investigations, stop the bleeding...

7. What should you do to stop the bleeding?
Operation. Do ERCP to treat the perforated part. Inject adrenaline.

8. What imaging would you do to confirm peritonitis?
Chest XRay to see air under diaphragm

9. If CLO test positive, what antibiotics would you give for Peptic Ulcer disease?
Triple therapy (Omeprazole, Clarithromycin, Amoxicillin)

SHORT CASE: Left Reducible Indirect Inguinal Hernia
Examiner: Mr. Khadri

Uncle Chinese presented with left groin swelling.

1. Inspect and do examination.

2. How do you do Occlusion Test? What are the two points?
ASIS and pubic tubercle. Put two/three fingers in the middle. After swelling reduced, ask patient to cough. If swelling is not prominent, it is indirect hernia. Occlusion test positive.

3. Your diagnosis.
Left reducible indirect inguinal hernia.

4. How do you manage this patient?
Do operation. Hernioplasty, where you reduce the inguinal content and put a mesh over it.

Thats all. Thank you.



I decide to be happy! :D

Everything happens for a reason.

The first to forget is the happiest!

Crazy! LOL 

Awwww... the royal baby is a BOYYY!!

Can I have a baby too? Hahahaha

Yeahhh that's the spirit!!

Okayy. I'll be busy living my life!

See you later! 

You take care!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Of Stories and Videos

We will break fast outside today. Because my Dad will have a meeting at 6.30pm, my Mom asked us to go out at 5 pm.

And I was like, Fiveee? That's early!! Whyyy? I have more to studdyyy...

But when she said that we could go shopping first if we go at 5, I quickly jumped to the offer. I can totally do the rest of studying tonightt!!

She got me at shopping! Hahahahaha.

Only know your lover when you let her go...

Lemme give your heart a break, okay?

I'm a good girl when you're not looking! :)

Cause it's too cold, for you here and now,
So let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater..

I want more, more, more!

Jom jadi pejuang agama jom! :)

Saw this teaser, so I looked it up on the internet.... was directed by Yusry KRU!! :D


Underwear?! Hahaha

Ohhh Minionss!! :D

This morning over sahur, my Dad catched me smiling to myself when I ate my rice.

He took me by surprise when he suddenly asked me the reason why I smiled, so I quickly answered that I was thinking of a friend.

He then told me that it is a sign of mental illness, when you are too self-absorbed in your own emotion. My Mom, being concerned as always, threatened to get me instutionalised if she ever see me do that again.

My parents are so funny. They think I am crazy!

Seriously. I have to put the blame on that person. 

You! Stop being on my mind so often! You are gonna get me into trouble!

Great. Now I am talking to myself.





Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Quick One

Hello hello hello. I am taking a break before I continue studying. So here are some pictures for you. Enjoy!

I had my first dose of HPV vaccine last Friday at IIUM Clinic.
It was aching at the site of injection at first, but I am alright now.
The second dose will be in two months time!

I am close to getting the Hello Kitty charm! Yayy!!
Finally I get my Bonuslink Card back from the uncle at Shell. It's a looong story! Hahaha
Made a new Popular Card when my sister and I went to the city this morning.

Bought an Eid card for my American penpal, Amanda! :D
And some pretty papers to write on! 

And I bought stickers too!
She always decorate her letters/cards beautifully, so I have to do the same!
I'll write to her after I finish my exam next week.

Hahahaha. I just cant resist those stickers!

They are cute, right?!

Right right right? :D

This is Adlin's drawing.
She made it by using the magic pens I bought her at the bookstore.
Yeah. Not bad for an 8-year-old kid.

Hahahaha I am boredddd!!

Do we have the same ribbons? :D

An image from Facebook. Awwwww

Dont you wanna stay here a little while? 

I gotta get back studying.

Have a good day!

Muahhh! Hehe
Bye bye!