Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Quick One

Hello hello hello. I am taking a break before I continue studying. So here are some pictures for you. Enjoy!

I had my first dose of HPV vaccine last Friday at IIUM Clinic.
It was aching at the site of injection at first, but I am alright now.
The second dose will be in two months time!

I am close to getting the Hello Kitty charm! Yayy!!
Finally I get my Bonuslink Card back from the uncle at Shell. It's a looong story! Hahaha
Made a new Popular Card when my sister and I went to the city this morning.

Bought an Eid card for my American penpal, Amanda! :D
And some pretty papers to write on! 

And I bought stickers too!
She always decorate her letters/cards beautifully, so I have to do the same!
I'll write to her after I finish my exam next week.

Hahahaha. I just cant resist those stickers!

They are cute, right?!

Right right right? :D

This is Adlin's drawing.
She made it by using the magic pens I bought her at the bookstore.
Yeah. Not bad for an 8-year-old kid.

Hahahaha I am boredddd!!

Do we have the same ribbons? :D

An image from Facebook. Awwwww

Dont you wanna stay here a little while? 

I gotta get back studying.

Have a good day!

Muahhh! Hehe
Bye bye!

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