Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Smiley for You

He sent me a smiley.

I am just too sad to reply it back tonight.

I'll send a smiley back tomorrow.

And pretend that there's nothing wrong.

Like I always do.

I have to admit, I am getting better at it.


Yeah, like right now.

You cant tell if I am laughing for real or not.

If my heart is breaking or my my tears are rolling.



You dont know that.

I am glad that you have no idea about it.

You should be happy.


There. A smiley.

For you.

Ps. Haha sorry for being so emotional tonight. 

Please excuse me, i need to cry myself to sleep now.

Ohh did i say cry?



I am just a fool for you.

Listening to sad songs when you are sad is really effective to make you even sadder. Hahahaha

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