Saturday, July 13, 2013

Friday, Saturday...

1. Okay. Let's do this quick. I have to get ready to school! Yeah it's Saturday, but Prof.Nasser wants to do his Seminar today. And he's a punctual surgeon, so I heard. I dont wanna be late to class!

2. Last night, I went through Burkitt to read on Shock. But I fell asleep right after the first paragraph. Hahahaha. I was tired!

3. Yesterday our schedule was packed with seminars and tutorial. In the morning we had Seminar on Nutrition in Surgery with Mr.Jun. After that, Mr.Fadel wanted to have bedside teaching. The short cases were Hepatomegaly (Colon Ca mets to liver) and Inguinal Hernia. In the evening after Friday prayer, we had another Seminar on Surgical Material with Mr.Islah. He is a funny surgeon, I like him! He always asks a lot of questions though.

4. All of my sisters are at home this weekend. We prayed Tarawih together (all 8 of us! plus my parents) and I did capture the moment :D

Take your pick! :D
Another one :)
5. My tab is giving me trouble. There's this red cross appears on the battery when I connect it to the charger. It turns out that we have to use Samsung charger in order to charge it. Haisshhh please dont give me any more problem, dear Tab. I need you!!

6. My sister had made us an International Student Card for our Korea Trip this August! See see: 

7. Ohh. And there's a change in our travel plan. My sister had added another 2 nights to our original plan so that we could visit places in Busan as well. I'll tell you more about my trip later.

8. As for my plan today, me and my sister will go to town for facial treatment this eveningg. And tomorrow another sister asked me to go out to buy her shoes. It's shopping time!! Hahaha  

9. For now I have to go take a showerrr. See you when I see you!


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