Sunday, July 28, 2013

From London :)

1. On Saturday morning, my family and I went out for Eid shopping! Me and Jehan went out first to UTC, then I drove to ECM to join our parents and sisters there.

The mall was so packed with people! And this 'newly-designed' Kuantan roads gave me a bit of a problem. I am already bad at memorising streets and maps, now that they have changed most of the roads to one-way-lanes, that doubles the troubles!

We had to use Jockey service worth RM15 because the parking was full!

2. My Mom's birthday is today, 28/7. She is now sweet 47! :D

So yesterday, my sisters and I decided to buy her a cake. And surprise her!

Her hidden birthday gift :)
The cake! (so untouchable!) and so secret LOL

3. My uncle and his family came for visit too. We break fast together at our house and had the yummy (and extremely sweet) cake after Maghrib prayer.

My adorable cousin, Afia. I totally LOVE her gown! :D
My uncle is 37 and his wife is 35. They have 3 sons and 3 daughters. And they are all so beautifulll! Their youngest son, about 2 months of age is named Naufal. I held him and put him to sleep! Well, more like sang him to sleep! He is such a cute babbyyyy!!

4. My eldest sister had come back home from her London trip. And she brought us stuff! :D 

So many! 
Her stuff
And we got shoes!!!! Mine is the black ones :)
Dr. Martens!
I gotta remember my shoes size! 4 UK, 37 EU and 6 US.
Made in China LOL
And and I got another pair of shoes!
She said 1 Euro is about RM5. So the shoes are only RM15!
They are still pretty anywayy!
Our shoes ;)
Ohh London!! When can I go thereee?!

I just realised that I have the smallest feet among my siblings! (my little sister excluded) My shoe size is 4, Jehan is one size bigger than me, Izzah is two sizes up while Shadow and Kak Nor are three sizes larger.

Wow. I am so small! *sigh* 

5. Reading about news on Egypt, it really makes me sad.

Whyyy oh whyyy?! :(

6. It's really late now. Earlier, I planned on writing my letter to Amanda. But I don't have the mood now.  

Well that sounds familiar, hahaha

7. Yeah. No music video.

Can't think of a song to match my mood for tonightt.


Byebyeeee :)

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