Friday, July 12, 2013

High On Coffee

1. I am taking a short break now before I continue with my Case Write Up (CWU). We have to submit it by today before 5pm but I am only 50% finished. Yeah yeah I know, why do it last-minute right? Serves me right. Hahaha

2. Since we are on that topic, let me show you this:

That is the Chest X-Ray of my CWU patient who has breast cancer. She was diagnosed in February last year but she didnt want to do operation to remove her breast and lymph nodes. She also defaulted follow-ups.

Now she presented with 10 days history of worsening shortness of breath and constitutional symptoms (lethargy, loss of weight, loss of appetite). Her current diagnosis is Advanced Breast Carcinoma with Lung Metastasis.

Me and my friends examined her in HosHas few days back. It was so sad to see her condition. She wore a face mask on 7L/min oxygen. She looked lethargic, uncomfortable and in pain. She was tachypneic and tachycardic. 

A surgical scar from excisional biopsy was seen just above the nipple. There were no breast lumps felt at that area. However, supraclavicular and anterior axillary lymph nodes were palpable. Left breast was normal.

I talked to her mother because my patient looked really tired. Halfway through my clerking, she couldnt hold back her tears. She was devastated to see her daughter looking so helpless. Her daughter had just lost her husband due to lung cancer a few months ago - and she is unemployed too.

The mother expressed her regrets that she didnt ask her daughter to do the operation last year. Her daughter had opted to seek Islamic traditional treatments and consume over-the-counter supplements instead of mastectomy and axillary clearance.

The teary-eyed mother also told me that her daughter said that she felt like dying. My heart went out to her. It was really sad.

3. Ahhh now I am the one feeling all emotional. Hahaha. 

4. Okay let me tell you this one funny story. Last night I asked my Mom whether I could have one of her lipstick (she has three lipsticks with different shades of red!). Then my Mom asked me back whether I have someone and am ready to get married.

I laughed and asked about the connection between a lipstick and marriage!

She then answered jokingly that usually when girls wear make-up and dress pretty, that's the sign that she is taken. So she assumed that I, too have a certain someone.

Oh really?

What if I want to wear it just to look nice? For fun, perhaps? A hue of pink is not that bad. I am not gonna colour my lips red! That's too muchhh.

Hmm I think I should ask him whether he likes it red or pink.

Hahaha. That was a joke!

5. Now now enough playing aroundd. I need to continue my work!

6. Okay Last one last one:

Here I am hoping that he doesnt read my blog. Hahaha

Oppsss ;)

7. Okay okay I am toootally done playing around noww.

Ahhhh I am boredddd.

What should I do???

Oh yeah. That case write up.

Please excuse me.

I need to sleep.

Ohh did I say sleep?

I meant, work.




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