Tuesday, July 09, 2013

In the Dark

As the title implies, I am writing this in the dark. All of my friends in this room are already asleep. The girls next room, however, are still awake (I could hear their laughters from here). The door is closed shut and my face glows from this screen's brightness. I am listening to random songs from my laptop because I can't access online radio because the internet connection here sucks!

Okay okay. So I had coffee again tonight. That's why I am wide awake in the middle of the night (or morning!). My head feels heavy though. Just finished a chapter on Colorectal Carcinoma from Burkitt. I had to study downstairs in the living room because this bed is too comfortable for reading purpose. Hahaha

I had a long nap in the evening, so I had to make up the lost time. My friends, they all have studied earlier, so I was the only one left with the book. Finally (finally!) I had read the topic through! It wasnt fun at all, trust me. Id rather read a novel than the textbook. Hahaha. But since we will have Long Case with Mr.Ragu tomorrow (that is today) and my friend will present on Colorectal Ca, so we HAVE to do our homework.

I should get myself rewarded! :D
You know what's interesting about my day in the ward yesterday? Well, for the first time ever, I had done Per Rectal Examination on a patient! Yeah, I know. This is like Week 8 of the posting, I should have done it earlier, but still - I did it! I was confused between PR and PV, I didnt realise it until my friend told me so! Luckily that 70-year-old makcik was cooperative and didnt say anything when I used two fingers on her instead of one. Hehe sorry sorry makcik, my bad.

And we talked to a 39-year-old kakak with Breast Carcinoma. Her right breast was bigger than her left, it was about a size of a coconut! It was covered with dressings because there was an ulcer with colourless discharge (ocassional blood) on the lump. We did palpate the exposed part though - it was firm to hard in consistency and there was erythema noted on the overlying skin. Her risk factors were early menarche (at age 9) and nulliparity. No use of OCP and no family history of malignancy reported. 

When she first noted the painful lump (yes, it was painful) located at the upper outer part of her right breast, it was small in size but it became bigger rapidly in just 6 months. The doctors told her that it was cancer and suggested for operation but she refused due to fear. Now, she had to undergo neoadjuvant chemotherapy to shrink the tumour.

Other than that, we all examined a makcik with Multinodular Goitre. There were 9 of us surrounding her at that time, taking turns to feel the neck lump - and she didnt mind that. We were very grateful for her understanding.

And there was a female patient with underlying FAP (Familial Adenomatous Polyposis) but I didnt clerk her. My friend told me that there was strong family history of colon polyps and colon carcinoma in her family. Yeah, since the disease is Autosomal Dominant and increases the risk of colon carcinoma (I had read about FAP just now, hehe)

So I guess that's all for now. I need to get some sleep.

Oh. Before I forget, happy fasting everyone! Dont forget to wake up for Sahur! :D

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