Monday, July 29, 2013

KL Trip

I am gonna start with this:

On the messy bed
I am now at Equatorial Hotel, Bangi with my sister. We drove to KL this morning, after we went to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara to renew our IC. We took turns driving, I drove to Gombak and my sister continued driving to Bangi.

We went to a boutique first, then checked in to the hotel. We slept for like 2 hours before we went to Bazaar to buy food for break fast.

My sister then sent me back to the hotel because she had appointment with her friends. Since I was left alone, what better thing to do other than taking pictures, right? Hehe

The view

From the balcony
Look at what I found!!
Who wants a postcard? Haha

While my sister gone, I watched Qari Junior after shower. The hot shower was sooo good!!
I spent a good time in the bathtub, haha
Had fried kuey teow for break fast. Prayed jama' and tarawih. Had Nescafe Decaf. Ahh I LOVE having hot beverage in a cold room! Like right now.

I am cold but I dont wanna turn off the AC :D
My sister had come back from her meeting and we are ready for bed now. Have to sleep early because we have to wake up for Sahur tomorrow. On our own. We bought rice and chicken chop, dont wanna let the food go to waste! And we will drive back home tomorrow morning too!

Am on my tab. So I cant share a MV here. Have I told you that my dad got me a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3? 

Yeah I am using it now. I gave my Tab 2 to my sister.

This one is a bit smaller, but the screen size is still the same. Worth RM1099, with 3G and Wifi. However, it kept hanging when I use blogger. Pfftt. So much for the high-speed processor.

I need some time to readjust to this new tab. As for now, I dont like it yettt!! It is so slowwww!!

Gotta sleep gotta sleepp. You have a gooddd dayyy!!! :D

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