Friday, July 05, 2013

La La La La La :D

Thursday, July 4th 2013

I spent my morning visiting almost all wards and departments at the hospital to look at their stock of IV fluids for the purpose of my seminar. 

It was not necessary to do that, you might say. But I thought that I should I put more effort on my seminar, that's all. I regarded it as my own 'project' (you know how I love to do stuff!) And I get to visit the hospital too, and look at people! Okay okay, it might seem like I was wasting my time, but heyy - it was fun! Hahaha

Burn Unit
Cardiac Care Unit & Cardiac ICU
Stock in CCU
In Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
In Paediatric ICU

Paediatric ICU and ICU:

Dewan bersalin and A&E:

In A&E Resuscitation
They keep the stocks in Anesthetic Room
Farmasi Bekalan Wad 
The IV fluids are basically the same in every ward/department (Normal Saline, Hartmann's solution, Dextrose etc) but I only found Human Albumin, Voluven and Sterofundin ISO in ICU.

I saw this form at the Farmasi Bekalan Ward, so I snapped a picture, hahaha
I couldnt find Onkovertin (Dextran) though...
The three presenters! :D
After almost 2 hours of walking, I then went to JHC to prepare my slides. Ohh before that, I catched up with my friends at OT and had a look at Mr.Islah doing TURP (Transurethral Resection of Prostate). The patient had Benign Prostate Hypertrophy (BPH).

Then I spent the evening working (and took naps in between! haha). I went back home after Asar, continued doing my slides at 9.30pm till about 11.30, fell asleep, woke up at 3.30am and work work work!

Friday, July 5th 2013

1. I had my morning coffee and then drove to school. It's the day of my Seminar! We started at 8am, ended at about 9.30am. We got 20/25 marks, thank youu Dr.Fahmi!! :D

Here here, some info for you today! I had converted my slides to .jpeg, have a look - at least you got something (if not many, a little is enough) 'educational' out of this blog, hehehe

 2. On the other topic, my sister had passed her Final Professional Exam today!

By the time I graduate in 2015, she had finished her Housemanship alreadyy!!
Ahhhhh 2 more years to go!

And the final episode of 'Sebenarnya Aku Saya Isteri Dia'?? Love itt! :D

3. Read on news about Egypt. Oh Misr. Oh Morsi. So sad :(

4. And at the same time, read on some random stuff on Facebook to kill some free time (your free time should be spent studying, Nurul Ainn!) (yeaahhh i knowwww!!) (then why didnt you do do thatt?) (well i dont knowww whyy! dontt ask me!! hahaha)

Okay this is so random~ :)

5. Thinking about someone. Missing someone. A LOT! Hahahaha 

I AM still into you!

Would you let me?

6. My parents and my sisters will all go to Tanjung Demong, Terengganu tomorrow morning, my Mom just told me thatt today. They will be gone until Sundayy. I'll stay at home because I am going to Temerloh this Sundayy, need to pack my stuff and all that..

Andd you know what does thatt mean - it meanss thatt I OWN the HOUSE!! Andd I can do whatever I wanntt!! 

Sounds fun! Soooo muchh FUNN!! :D

7. Right now I am thinking of what am I going to do over the weekend ;)

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