Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mix & Match Outfits

This post is intended for girls only. Because I am going to talk a bit about fashion. Girl stuff. I am no expert in that field but sharing is caring, rightt? :D

For the guys, well... I cant ask you to leave this page. That would be rude. Read it if you want, but its gonna be a very boring topic for you. Don't say that I havent warn ya!

So now I am going to tell you girls where you can get an outfit... this one!

First: The Floral Print Dress worth RM39 from Zalora
The colour is different, but the pattern is similar to mine. Brown is out of stock. Oh, and the V neckline should be at the back, not front! Funny story about that. Hahaha

Secondly, The Front Oval Shape Drape Cardigan worth RM30 from Eraine
Only purple colour is available now. Other colours are out of stock!

Thirdly, The Plain Shawl worth RM29 from Zalora. 
Wonderful bright-coloured shawls from Asian Ethnic

Then the last one is The Sneaker Wedges worth RM79 from Agape
Out of stock!! :D

The pants? Well, mine is from Kikilala. Hahaha. 

I was thinking of wearing a light blue trousers to complete the Colour Block theme, but I dont have any bright pants! I only have black and brown (different shades of brown).

I bought a pair of red trousers at Giant (yeah, the supermarket Giant!) worth RM29.99 but it was kinda tight. I can fit into the pants, but my Mom would NEVER (never in a million years!) approve of me wearing THAT when I go out. Too sexy! Hahaha

You have NO idea how hard it is to get a decent picture! 

So I take you to my bedroom instead! :D

Oh? This one is what I call a 'Giant' outfit.
Because I bought all of them from Giant! (except the shawl)
The Cardigan (RM29.99), Men's Shirt (RM13.99) and Checkered Long Pants (RM14.99)

It's amazing how cheap these clothes are! The quality is quite okay too! We should all go to Giant and buy clothes there! *promote promote*

ps. I am writing this post in that outfit right now. Minus the shawl and cardigan of course, hehehe

Now you know where I buy my stuff. Go check out the websites, they are having Raya Sale! Zalora gives you 10% discount card when you buy their stuff. I like!


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