Friday, July 26, 2013

Movie Marathon!

Hello hello hello! I am backkk! Do you miss me? :D

I just finished watching several movies on my laptop - that's why I am such in a good mood! I had 'Hansel & Gretel' and 'The Croods' last night, but tonight I had 'Skyfall 007', 'Taken 2' and 'G.I.Joe Retaliation'! The last movie was aweesommeee! How do they make such a cool action movie like that?! I LOVE it!

But I still love The Croods among all! Do you know the scene where Guy made a pair of shoes for Eep and she shrieked in delight? That was sooo cute! And and another scene where Guy was on top of this tall place and he let the flowers fell down to Eep? Awwwww. Guy is such a nice guy! Can I have him?! *dreamy eyes*

Okay okay that's enough. Hahahaha.

I went out to ECM with my sister this morning. When I asked her to go window shopping, she refused. But when I told her that she can have her birthday present from me, she quickly agreed! Hahaha that's how you get your sister to go shopping with you! 

So she bought this RM70 shoes! I gave her RM30 only, she'll claim the rest from my Dad.
Actually I was the one who caught sight of this shoes!
But there were none of my size! How sad, I knowww!

See? They are two-fingers loose on me! Her size is 39!
Ahhhh I'll buy a new pair of cooler and cuter shoes next time!

And today we break fast at my sister's school near our house. We walked there. 

From left: Me, Syakirah aka Shadow, Izzah and Jehan

Hmmm what else do I wanna tell you? Ohh yeahh about our house.

Our 'real' house. Tah-daaa!!

It is.... almost finished?!
Nahh I dont think so. Still a long way to go.

And here's another thing: OUR KOREA TRIPP!!! :D

That's my personal calendar btw. Can you understand the handwritings there? Hahaha

I'll explain later. I'll even Google you the pictures of our booked guesthouses. I'll do that later, kay?

Because right now I feel like watching 'A Good Day to Die Hard' :D

Ohh. Before that.

Ohh really?

Okay fine.
There. I said post it.

ps. That's the real heart btw. Just for you.
Am I sweet or Am i sweet? ;)

And as usual, a music video before I go!

Okay I am done now.

Will you excuse me, please?


I wanna go anyway! Hahaha

Talk to you laterrrr! :D

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