Sunday, July 14, 2013

Of Airport, Facial Tx and Stuff

Facial Treatment

All of us went out to the city yesterday. Initially it was only me and my sister who wanted to go for facial, but the others decided to go out to buy stuff too. So there we were, all cramped up in my sister's green car :D

Say Mmmmm? :D
One more time!
One more one more! :D

It's hard to stop once I start taking pictures. Hahahaha

So my eldest sister left me and Syakirah at the clinic to get ourself pampered ;)

The set

The entrance

Services available
Body contouring? What's that? Hahaha

Give them a call and book yourself a facial treatment! *promote promote*

I was wearing wedges and still, she is taller than me!

We reached home at almost 6.30pm that day. It was tiring but fun! :D We dont always go out all together at once, so when my parents were not at home - we all went out! Hehehe

That night, I planned on going out with my friends. They wanted to throw a surprise birthday party for my friend at her house (she's already married), but I couldnt go. My Mom didnt let me go. Well, actually she didnt say straightaway that I wasnt allowed go.

When I called her up to ask for permission, she said yes (Because I begged her! Hahaha) but few minutes later, she texted me, saying that if it's not important she'd rather have me stay at home.

And what was I supposed to say? That I still want to go? 

So I told her that I'll stay at home. I texted my friend, saying that I couldnt join the party.

Moms. They always know how to make you feel guilty.

I would love to learn how to do that! Hahahaha


This morning I sent my sister, Jehan to the airport. She was going back to her university in IIUM, Gombak. The flight from Kuantan to KL is only RM50! Yeah if you booked it early, you can have it cheap.

It took me 15 minutes to get there.. an average speed of 120km/h! ;)
Parting :(
Andd my two other sisters, Syakirah and Izzah left for their hostel this evening. I was taking a nap when they went out. But I did say goodbye to them.

Then my eldest sister, Kak Nor will travel to London alone next Wednesday. She will be gone for a week. She'll be staying at her friend's house there. Ahhhh I want to travel alone too! Maybe some days I will! I'll just have to think of ways get a 'green light' from my Mom, then my Dad will definitely say yes if my Mom agrees! hahahaha *evil smile*

Now I have to pray Tarawih! I'll have to drive to Temerloh tonightt at around 10 to 10.30pm. I'll have to go to UIA first to get my friends and we'll go there together. Yes, my Mom let me drive at night - only because I said that I will go with my friends!

Ohhh since that it's night time, then I'll have to drive slowly!


I'll stick to 130 then!

Okay okay. 120!

Fine! Final say. 110!

Ahhhh. Speeding at night would totally be a fun thing to do!


(My friends would remind me if I drive too fast, dont worry!)

Now excuse me please. I have to go pray and then get ready to go!

I'll stop at 7Eleven first to get a can of coffee ;)

How long can we keep this up?
It hurts.


I'll go now :)

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