Sunday, July 21, 2013

Of Stories and Videos

We will break fast outside today. Because my Dad will have a meeting at 6.30pm, my Mom asked us to go out at 5 pm.

And I was like, Fiveee? That's early!! Whyyy? I have more to studdyyy...

But when she said that we could go shopping first if we go at 5, I quickly jumped to the offer. I can totally do the rest of studying tonightt!!

She got me at shopping! Hahahahaha.

Only know your lover when you let her go...

Lemme give your heart a break, okay?

I'm a good girl when you're not looking! :)

Cause it's too cold, for you here and now,
So let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater..

I want more, more, more!

Jom jadi pejuang agama jom! :)

Saw this teaser, so I looked it up on the internet.... was directed by Yusry KRU!! :D


Underwear?! Hahaha

Ohhh Minionss!! :D

This morning over sahur, my Dad catched me smiling to myself when I ate my rice.

He took me by surprise when he suddenly asked me the reason why I smiled, so I quickly answered that I was thinking of a friend.

He then told me that it is a sign of mental illness, when you are too self-absorbed in your own emotion. My Mom, being concerned as always, threatened to get me instutionalised if she ever see me do that again.

My parents are so funny. They think I am crazy!

Seriously. I have to put the blame on that person. 

You! Stop being on my mind so often! You are gonna get me into trouble!

Great. Now I am talking to myself.





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