Sunday, June 30, 2013

Of Story and Gossip

Here's a funny story about my Saturday. That morning, I woke up at 8 and took a looong shower. After breakfast, I sat at my table and took my sweeet time to watch random YouTube videos. I planned to do a bit of studying right after, but I ended up browsing until 11am.

Since I have to go to town to buy my sister her moisturizer as well as chicken rice for lunch (my parents went out for a meeting), I quickly changed to my outing outfit. Shawl, long dress and wedges. I grabbed my bag and my phone, ready to go.

Oh. An sms from my friend.

'Jgn lupe onkol rini yunk' sent at 7.10am this morning.


So I rushed to get into my car and called my friend on my way to the hospital. I arrived at 12pm, only to find my friends were ready to go back. The ward round had finished and I missed it! Arggghhh!

After saying goodbye to my friends, I made my own rounds in both wards. There's this makcik who was admitted for chemotherapy due to rectal carcinoma. We talked for a while and when I was about to go, she then smiled and said, Doktor ni cantik lah..

That comment took me by surprise! I laughed and thanked her. That compliment made me feel embarassed somehow. I felt the need to explain to her that I dont usually dress that pretty everyday. I was actually planning to go to town, not the hospital. But I just smiled and quickly made my way out of the ward.

Ahhhh I hate being overdressed for work!

My 'round' ended at 1pm. Then I went on to settle things in town and drove back home.

About today, I just came back from night on-call (I remembered this time, haha). Right now, I am feeling a bit tired so I'll write shortly okay.

I followed Dr.Wazir (he actually taught me stuff in his round, how unusual of him to do that! maybe he was in good mood) and after it finished, I then discussed about renal stones with my friend. Another friend came and told us that she saw Dato' Jiffre in the ward upstairs!


We were informed that we cant follow his round, so I went upstairs and pretended to talk to a patient next to the one he was checking on. So that's how he looks like.. Interesting.

Then I saw Mr.Faiz doing his round so I joined in. We met a pakcik in acute bed who wore an oxygen mask. He looked uncomfortable. Mr.Faiz's impression was that the pakcik suffered from Pulmonary Embolism and Acute Coronary Syndrome.

I was listening to him interacting with the patient when suddenly a doctor (HO) touched my shoulder, came up to me and whispered, 'Ain, nak tanya skit bleh..'

I moved closer. 'Dia tu dah kawin ke?', she asked with her eyes pointed to Mr.Faiz.

I smiled and whispered back, 'Dah doktor. Isteri dia bekas student UIA jugak.. Kenapa doktor?'

The doctor made a sad face and said, 'Dia baik...' and then she got back to her work. I smiled knowingly.

After we finished round, I went up to her to say goodbye. Then she asked me again, 'Ain, isteri dia orang mana?'

'Orang Sabah ke Sarawak... Hari tu ada Dr. cakap waktu kitorang join clinic dia, tapi Ain lupa dah..' 

'Isteri dia sama umur dengan dia ke?'

'Hmm tak tau la plak. Maybe la kot, rasa macam sama batch je..'

I could sense that the doctor was somehow disappointed. I just smiled and left.

Aisshhh doktor, jangan main-main. Suami orang tu... Hahaha

So that's all about tonightt. I need to sleeeppp. Goodnightt!! :)

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