Monday, July 08, 2013

Oh Temerlohh

We had arrived here in Seberang Temerloh at almost 11pm. My Mom would have complained if she knew that I got here so late at night. Well, I departed from home at 7.15pm, prayed at UIA mosque, went to get my friend at her mahallah and off to Temerloh. Well, we stopped at the petrol station first to pray Isya' and get a can of iced coffee latte for me. And now I cant sleep!! Hahaha

My two friends, Aina and Aida on my right are fast asleep now. So is my friend Wani who sleeps beside me, on my left. This room is dark, only the light from the slightly opened door is visible. I am listening to online while lying on my bed. I forgot to bring a blanket, so I have to use my mom's sarong if I feel cold tonight. For now, I am comfortable enough, not too cold nor too hot. It is just nice here. Hehehe

Felt like writing something in here before I go to sleep, so here I am! Ohh I havent write about what happened over the weekend. Ok ok I'll tell ya what happened. On saturday morning, me and my friend went shopping at Megamall. Wait, lemme get the pictures from my phone to show you.

In the fitting room
Rice with Ikan Pari Asam Pedas - yummyy!! :D
Oreo with Vanilla Ice cream shake
Ahh since I am using my Tab now, I cant have the photos watermarked. Anywayy, my weekend was not that bad. Apart from the outing, I spent my time at home being lazy (as usual).

Sunday was okay too. I talked to a close friend of mine who will be going overseas for work today. I bet he is at the airport now. Or already is inside the plane. Hopefully he will have a safe flight. And return back home safely. Why cant I stop thinking about him? Hahaha. I am sure he will be alright!

Ok ok enough being sentimental! You need to sleep!!!

I have to go to the bus station in about 3-4 hours to get Syira. I guess I have to force myself to sleep like right noww. If nott, I'll be sleepy tomorrow morning. Well, I have another can of coffee in the fridge downstairs though ;)

Now please excuse me. I need to dream awayy..

Goodnighht you! Ohh. Good morning! :D

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