Monday, July 01, 2013

Print Screen in Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0

What a nerdy title. Haha.

So this morning we had tutorial session with Mr.Ahmad Faidzal on Haematemesis. We discussed 10 symptoms and signs of upper GI bleed. Our group was given the task to search on signs. So in summary, these are the signs that you should look for in a patient with haematemesis:

1. Confirm the hematemesis! Is it really vomiting of blood?
2. Signs of anemia
3. Signs of shock/circulatory failure
4. Signs of dehydration
5. Syndromic facies
6. Signs of chronic liver disease
7. Signs of coagulopathy
8. Signs of malignancy
9. Signs of trauma
10. Signs of acute abdomen

Now I am in the Musolla, taking a break. By taking a break, I meant Facebooking, checking emails and reading random news/articles on internet. And yeah, writing this post as well. Haha.

I found this really sweet post on FB, but I didnt know how to use capture screenshot on my tab (after the new update), so I asked Mr.Google for help. Here's what I found:

See the Power and Volume buttons on the right side of your tab?
Press Power and Volume Down at the same time, wait for one second, and tadaa..
the screen is captured and automatically saved in your Gallery!
Test Test Test...
So here is what I wanted to share with you:

I knoww. Awww right? :D

Now I gotta get back to Work. 

You have a nice day!!

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