Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Two Days Back

So Tuesday.

Funny story about that. Hahaha.

In the morning as usual, I left home at about 7.30am, dropped my little sister off at her school and then I drove to the hospital.

On the road (near the traffic light and right junction to BayRoute area), a car went by and the driver pointed to my postero-lateral (is there such a word? haha) tyre aka my rear tyre. I stopped at the traffic light and looked at the side mirror to see what was wrong.

And here's the problem!

Flat tyre! I quickly scanned the area for any tyre shop and I found one located next to Shell. I drove slowly and parked my car in front of the centre. It was almost 8am and it was not open to service yet!

I called my friend and asked her to sign my attendance for the day.

Attendance - settled!

So how am I gonna get to the hospital?

I saw a bus/taxi waiting area nearby. I walked there, saw a kakak and asked her whether there will be any bus going to the hospital. She said that I have to take two trips in order to get to the hospital. And the taxi would cost almost RM15!

Bus - not an option!

So I waited for a taxi, never mind the costly fare as long as I get to the hospital ASAP. I waited and waited.. and waited. In about 10 minutes, I decided not to wait anymore.

Taxi - no more!

You might wonder why didn't I call my friends for help. I chose not to, because it was quite late and they were already at the hospital. I hate to trouble them for such a small matter.

And my Dad? Or my Mom? Well, they were in KL, so I hate to bother them.

Plus, I could handle the problem by myself. I'm a big girl! Hahaha

So I put my mp3 on and started walking. Yes, walking!

Don't believe me? Here. See these.

Come. Walk with me! ;)
I walked up to the top of the hill! It was tiring, but fun! Seriously! :D
I dont get the opportunity to walk like this everyday, so I wouldnt want to miss it! Never mind me carrying my bag (with a laptop in it! and books!) while wearing a pair of tight and uncomfortable shoes, went up the hill - it was worth the experience! 

I can be crazy at times. And that was one among many things I'd done. Hahaha 

When I reached the top, a car suddenly stopped in front of me. A pakcik asked me where I wanna go and offered for help. I politely declined.

Oh come onnn, let me walk! I am halfway there!! 

But his wife insisted that I went with them. So I half-heartedly agreed.

They were very nice and friendly too!
We talked until we reached the hospital at 8.30am. I thanked them many times and walked to the hospital. Smiling.

It was not a bad day at all :)

But, BUT - at 11am when we had bedside teaching with Mr.Khadri, I was chosen to examine the patient! And boy, I didnt expect that at all!!

The short case was bad. Really bad I tell you.

I missed to check the inguinal hernia, examine the pigtail cathether (to drain the liver abscess), the Kocher incision (measurement and healed/non-healed/hypertrophied scar) and wrong technique of palpation and auscultation of renal bruit. I presented the case badly too. Ahh I need more practice! I felt like banging my head to the wall!

Actually I did know some of the points that I missed, but when you were nervous and unprepared, everything just went haywire! I need more PRACTICE!

In the evening, my friend dropped me off at the tyre shop and I took care of my car!

CCD5403 is now fixed! :D
So that was the story on Tuesday.

As for Wednesday, me and my friend followed ENT doctors doing their round in the morning. So we just stood there, listened to them discussing about their patients.

Out of the blue, one of the doctors looked at me and asked me what year I am. I told him that I am a third year student. He then asked me to examine the patient with Lymphadenitis.

I was like, Me? Whyyyy?? I have a bad feeling about this! I am gonna do it badly!

So I went straightaway to touch the mass without inspection! The doctor scolded me initially, but he said that since I'm in third year, it was forgiven. Actually I knew that I had to inspect first for any abnormalities on the skin and looked at the mass, I mean every med student knows that! but I was nervous at that time, so dont blame me for that! Hahaha.

I examined the mass and presented the findings to him. It was all jumbled up, so he asked me to present it based on Browse.

Remember all of these points for ANY lump/ulcer examination!

At 10.30am, we had bedside teaching with Mr.Chan on Stage IV Breast Carcinoma. He taught us about Tracheostomy (cuffed/non-cuffed and permanent/temporary).

We had tutorial on Hematuria with Mr.Islah at 2.30pm until 3.40pm. He asked us to read on Crystalloid/Colloid and Hypertonic/Isotonic/Hypotonic because those are his favourite questions to ask during examination.

After that, we had tutorial on Lump & Bump with Mr.Fadel. It was more like a Q & A session, we asked him things that we dont understand and he'll answer them. The session finished in an hour.

We prayed Asar and left the campus. It was a busy busy busy dayyy.

Now I have to prepare my Seminar slides on Fluid & Electrolyte in Surgery. It will be held on this Friday at 8am with Mr.Fahmi.

It's going to be a long night. I need a cup of coffeee!!

You have a good day!!! Bye bye for now! :) 

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