Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Baaalik Kampungggg!!

I am having a stomach ache. Probably because of the food I ate during break fast. We bought the food from a neighbour and my parents bought some kuih from the stalls nearby. 

My sister has an upset stomach too. Another sister has developed skin rash. Ughhh. I dont like being sickkk!

I better write this quick and go to sleep ASAP.

Now what I am gonna tell you for tonight?!

Hmmmm lets see...

Today (Tuesday) we will visit my grandmother's house in Jerantut, maybe we will go there in the evening. My grandfather had died few years ago. My Mom always complain that we don't pay a visit to her mother often enough. My Dad was so busy, so it was kinda hard to get some time off. Now my Mom is glad that we are going to her Mom's house two days before Eid.

We celebrate first and second day of Eid in Jerantut every year. Then we go to Sungai Karang, the house of my grandmother from my father's side. Since the house is very near to ours, we dont have to sleep over there. My Dad's father also had died several years back when I was still a little girl. I dont remember his face anymore.

Number 29 number 29!
Congratulations to Elyani for the Distinction! :D

Oh yeah, I went to see our exam result today. In my group, all of us passed except for two students. They will sit for remedial posting few days after Eid along with other students from other posting (Paeds, IM, O&G). I am sure they will be able to complete it excellently! You can do it!!

Now that's a quick update for today!

No more stories about my feelings and stuff! You had enough gossips for the week already! Live with it! Hahahaha

Okay okay. I need to lie down now.

You have a very very good dayy and take care!

Byebyeeeee :)

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