Monday, August 05, 2013

Cornflakes + Pomegranate + Burj Al Arab + Heartbroken

Why didnt you make the title longer than thatt? LOL

First, I had finished making Honey Cornflakes for Eid! They taste gooooddd!!

My sisters helped with the papercups


You can have the recipe here. It is so easy to make these, try it out!

Secondly, our pomegranate tree has fruits already!!!

See see?


Thirdly, in the the evening, I watched this:

The fourth tallest hotel in the world. One night costs 28K!
While it is all impressive, I'd rather spend the money on something else.

Lastly, I am taking a break from these kind of things:
I am not a fan of FB chat anyway.

The thought of breaking another heart is heartbreaking.

I hate messing things up! It was my fault, I shouldnt have started it in the first place.

You just dont go break someone else's heart and run away. You fix things for him.

What did I do to make things up, you'd ask?

I pretended to be okay when he told me about his girl. I encouraged him to move on and live his life well. I said that I was doing fine. I didnt bother him anymore. 

He needs to spend time with his girlfriend, I know. 

I pray for his happiness, that's the most I could do for him.

See? He is happy now. I had made sure of that!

Everything is back to normal again.

As for me, well... I'll be okay. 


God it hurts.

I am afraid of myself more than I am of you, dear.

Now I need to sleep.

You have a good day okayyy! :)

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