Saturday, August 10, 2013

Eid Eid Eidddd :D

I am back at home nowwww! My parents and my sisters are already asleep. I am in my room, writing this with earphones on.

Now here are 30 pictures and another 1-minute video for you! Enjoyyyy! :D

Our first day of Eid started with Eid Prayer

My Grandma's house in Kampung Mat Kilau, Jerantut

My uncle's house just next to my Grandma's

They have this plant!

Buah Markisa aka Passion fruit!

And and Kacang Bendi aka Lady's Fingers!
Lots and lots of them!! :D

The cats! I want cats tooooo

Eatingggggg :)
We had Nasi Beriyani with Kerutup Daging and Lemang + Nasi Impit, sooo deliciousss!

Family photo is a MUST!

Now zoom outtt!

After that we went visiting relatives. To FOUR houses with different kind of delicacies! :D

At night, lepak lepak with the kids :D
From left: Wafiy, Zakuan and Zahra'

Ziyad and Zakuan
Awwww how can you NOT love them?!

He showed me a Superman picture in the book.
He is so small and sooooo cuteee!! Ahhhhhhh

Sukainah and Taufik
Babies everywhere!

Here's how it looked like on the first night of Eid :)

We The kids played fireworks. Yaaaayy!

Selfie. No comment. Hahahaha

We went back to Kuantan on the second day of Eid.
It's my sister's turn to drive.

Followed my Dad's car

Secret Recipe for lunch

For a birthday celebration, actually.
She is now 17! :)

Lamb Shank!

Yummy Crispy Chicken Salad! Want some?

After lunch, we played with my Mom's phone, editing pictures

Hahaha. Ugly laugh.
Wanna know the reason I laughed so hard?

Because of THIS!
Fake eyes, blushers and a crown! I look so weirddddd

Then my sister tested it on my Dad
Oh. The app is Line Camera btw

After lunch, we went to a Studio to take a family photo.
They use a Green Screennnn :)
We will get the framed photo in 10 days time

Oh yeah. Bad news. My laptop screen. It's broken :(
I can still use it, but it needs a fix! Ahhhhhhh

And and my sister and I got contact lens! :D
Goddd it took me a long time to get them INTO my eyes!
Dont know if I should wear them or not. Maybe tomorrow.

Eid was fun! Tomorrow (come morning) we will go out and go to our relatives' houses. My parents are very particular about this visiting relatives part. All of us MUST go, either we like it or not.

Jumpa sikit sedara mara tu, jangan asyik terperap je dalam rumah hari raya.

Nanti kalau umi abah meninggal, sedara sendiri pun tak kenal..

Sedara umi pun nak kenal anak-anak umi siapa..

So yeah. We will all go do some hardcore visiting thing tomorrow.


ps. will take some pictures and record videos if we get too bored. hahahaha

So goodbye for now. See you in a day or two.

Or tomorrow. 



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