Saturday, August 03, 2013

Korea Budget Guesthouses

So we are gonna stay in these places from 23 Aug till 1 Sept.

My sister made bookings from Agoda.

They have Free Wi-Fi!! :D

Busan Inn Motel
23 till 25 Aug

Namsan Guesthouse
26 till 27 Aug

Gowoondang Hanok Guesthouse
28 Aug

J Guesthouse Shinchon
29 Aug till 1 Sept

We will depart from Kuantan to KL on 22 Aug at 6.30am by plane. Our plane KL - Busan will be at 1.00 am the next day.

I'll try to keep my blog updated when I am there. If not, I'll post random pictures in my Instagram :)

Ahhh. Can't wait!


My parents and my 3 sisters went to Terengganu and later Kelantan after break fast today. They will be gone till Monday. There are only 4 of us at home now.

On next Tuesday, all of us will go to Jerantut, my grandmother's house. We will stay in the village up till the first day of Eid. The internet connection there is not very good.

For now, I am gonna watch Monsters University on my laptop. 

Have a good dayyy!!


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