Sunday, August 18, 2013

Of Pasar Tani and Abang Burn

Going to Pasar Tani every Sunday is a routine for my parents. But since my Dad went to Kelantan early this morning, so I was the one who drove my Mom and Adlin to the market to buy stuff.

Located just in front of UTC
The cow's heart and the liver. Can you see them?
We saw the brains and the intestines and the tails, too!
Crabs, squids, fishhhh
Buah jering and jambu
Buah nona Buah nona!! :D
And langsat and small oranges
At 5pm, me and my Mom and Adlin sent Syakirah and Izzah to their school, SMA Al-Maarif, Bukit Goh. It took us half an hour to get there.

On our way back home, we stopped by at.......

Burger Bakar Abang Burn!! 
Located at Jungle Cafe,
 just in front of the newly-built Kuantan Medical Centre, Indera Mahkota
The menu
There were eight staffs working there!
Adlin asked me, 'Kak Ain mane satu nye Abang Burn?'
Then I said, 'Tu haa yang muka dia macam terbakar sikit tu... Nampak?'
She seemed puzzled. I laughed.
The burgers!
Messy when they got into our hands. Hahaha
I am now in the process of making Durian Crepe. My Dad offered me RM100 if I could make them as delicious as they were sold in the market.

And I hereby accept the challenge!

I've never tried the recipe so I am a bit worried if they taste bad. But there's always a first time in everything, right? 

Try and error. I like that approach. 


Have a good day!! :D

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