Monday, August 12, 2013

Of Raya and Puasa 6

So.... about the house visits.

Wanna join us?
Ugghh. Wrinkled dress!
Our first house: Mak cik Dayang and Pak cik Salleh, our neighbours
Kek Lapis Sarawak!!! Mak cik Dayang made all of them by herself! Amazingg!
Nasi beriyani! Help yourself ya.... 
Adlin eatingg
Drink up!
Our neighbours there! :)
Second house: Dr. Ramli's
His house is HUGE!
Their own gym!
Eatingg againnn
Beautiful landscape!
1, 2, 3.......
....TURN BACK! *click click*
Turn and smile! :D
Our third house: Che' Su, my Dad's aunt
They have this tree!
Buah Sukun aka Breadfruit!
Yang diorang buat kerepek tu.. Goreng pon sodap... Hehehe
In the house
Zooming in......

Short video on what's happening inside the house

Then we went back home!!
My Dad bought DURIAN!!
My Mom made bubur durian + kacang hijau yang sangat sedaappp!!
Ahhhh sedapnyaaaaaa!!!

Since all of us had started our first day of Optional Fasting yesterday,
we visited Makcik Syikin's house (our neighbour) at night
Eating eatingg
A cup of hot tea, delicious! :)
Adlin looks funny, hahaha
Siblings photo
The only one getting Eid money! Tak aci!

That's all for now. You can go back to whatever you are doing :)

If I could, then I would!

Today is our second day of fasting. 

Jom Puasa Enam Jom!!! (boleh ganti puasa terus, hehehe) 

As for now, I am gonna get ready to go to the city with my Mom and maybe my sister. 

I'll be making BUNS! Soft and fluffy buns! Hopefully I'll get them soft, haha. 

This is going to be my first time trying, dont know if I'll get it rightt. Gotta buy all the ingredients needed!

A close friend of mine knows how to bake a bread. I wanna try doing it too! :D

Okayyy I'll go now.

Bye Byeee!


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