Thursday, August 15, 2013

Of Visits, Breads, Laces and KTO

Today was our fifth day of optional fasting. Tomorrow's the last one! Yay!

My laptop had been sent for a fix. I am using my sister's laptop for blog updates.

Ahhhh without my laptop, I become too lazy to write stuff here. Hahaha

So for the last few days/nights, we had visited our neighbours' houses, as usual. Enjoy the pictures! :D

Mi sup!
Makcik Asmah's house
My childhood friend, Fatimah Zahrah and her niece, Iris :)
The next night - Makcik Siti's
Mi sup again!! :D
Eating while watching TV
And posing! Hahaha
Last night was at Aunty Nisah's house
And yeah, we ate mi sup :)
The buns aka muffin buns and a loaf of bread that I made...
...after the second day of trying! The breads on first day suck!

My eldest sister gave a thumbs up but my Dad said that they taste 'not like bread', hahaha
I need to add more sugars into the mix!
I'll do that the next time I feel like making bread again.
Remember that short yellow dress my Mom doesnt like?
She made me put laces on it!
And I learned how to sew! :D
My next project: Sew some laces on my cardigans!
Tomorrow all of us will go to Kuala Lumpur. My sister Jehan had asked me to accompany her to go to Korea Travel Organisation (KTO). 

Since I havent made any contribution to our itinerary (I leave that to Kak Nor and Jehan because they are more experienced in all of that stuff), so I gotta at least go to KTO with her. Aishhh if it's up to me, Id rather stay at home and do my own stuff!

Way to guilt me into going! Clever!  

Map to KTO Malaysia
Take Monorail to Bukit Nanas and walk to Menara Hap Seng
The KTO Malaysia website here
Discount coupons?! Hope they have thattt!! :D

Tonight we dont go visit any house. 

Dah boring da asyik asyik makan mi sup je... Hahahaha kidding!

After this, I am gonna take shower and then pray. And after that, maybe I'll read a book. Or reading random news on the internet. And then go to bed.

You have a good good day okayy!!

Byebyeeeeee :D

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