Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Day Before Eid

I am in Jerantut. Uploading these pictures took hours! So you better enjoy them!

The bags
Before take off
Jehan, Adlin and Shadow
We went here by two cars. My Dad's car and my sister's green car. And she let me drive! :D

From our place to here took about 3 hours! 

After sahur on the last day of fastingg
6 of us in that room
Yeah! We peeled the sugarcanes!
The sugarcane
Peeling the layer
Because it is a very very special day tomorrow, here's a one-minute video for you. It took a lengthy one hour of uploading! (Internet here is so sloww)

Merisik tebu? Is there such a word? Hahaha

First time doing it and I suck at it. Hahaha

After that, my uncle took the sugarcanes to his shop and asked someone to grind them by using a special machine. All of us had sugarcane drink for break fast! Sweeeett!

Then we made Popiah. And the sauce I made it by myself (it's a bit salty though lol)
Female cousins helped out
It was a busy busy day. Most of our time was spent in the kitchen. Cutting, slicing, washing, cleaning etc.

Tomorrow is Eid!! Yay Yay Esok Raya Esok Raya!!! :D

My sister made this by using Line Camera.


ps. It's 1.30am on 8/8 now, but I scheduled this post to be published yesterday. And I have a runny nose. Ahhhh I am gonna sleep now. Bye byeeee!

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