Thursday, August 22, 2013

A day before The Trip

We are now at Oasis Hotel near Salak Tinggi station.

We will stay here before our flight tomorrow morning at 5.15am. It is supposed to be at 1.00am and we already planned our itinerary according to the time, but the Air Asia X aircraft is going to be used for humanitarian evacuation in Cairo, Egypt so our flight has been retimed. Its been on the news!

We had breakfast and lunch from KFC at Kl Sentral.
Breakfast set (cheezy egg bun) for RM7.20 excluding tax

We took KLIA Express from KLIA to KL Sentral (to change money to KRW at Masjid Jamek) then to Salak Tinggi

If you have Kad Siswa, you can have almost RM10 off the ticket price!

We watched Cinta Jannah on TV at the hotel. Cheesy storyline. Ughhh.

I am on my Tab. I dont bring my laptop to Korea. So I might have limited time to write to you. And you know how much I hate writing using my Tab.

But lets see how it goes, okay?

I'll post pictures on my Instagram though! Search for me there : nourelain244 :D

Bye bye for now!

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