Monday, September 30, 2013

Of the Grand Ward Round

Our group's turn for Grand Ward round is tomorrow morning. We have assigned three patients to each one of us. My patients are a Chinese aunty who was electively admitted for bilateral knee replacement (she had knee osteoarthritis for 8 years) and 2 Malay makciks with big toe abscess and leg ulcer respectively. Both patients have uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus.

We had two long case sessions with Mr.Shuk and Mr.Amin this morning. We have discussed on Diabetic Foot Ulcer, Closed Fracture and Abscess. In the evening after Zuhur, we had to attend seminar on Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Seronegative Arthritis, supervised by Mr.Shahidan.

And tonight, we have to go on-call, to cover all new admissions to our assigned wards (2A, 4A). I'll go a bit later, maybe after Isya'. It's not my turn for oncall in the schedule, so I'll just go to check for new cases.

I wonder how the housemen can survive working in the hospital, with a lot of patients to cover. I only have three patients, and I already feel like it's a lot!

Sometimes I wish I am doing something else other than medicine. Like drawing, or doodling, or creating graphic projects, dealing with computers and drawing boards. Something artsy rather than science-y.

Two more years. Just be patient for two more years, ok! FIGHTINGGG!!!!!

This evening, I had received news from a close friend of mine, he said that his father is not feeling well so he has to go and pay him a visit. The medical student inside of me felt like asking him what are his father's complaints, his symptoms, duration of the illness and the list of questions that we students are taught to memorise by heart. I wanna know if his father has any heart problems like he did, whether his father is on any medications, his past hospitalisations, medications and many more.

But of course, I didnt ask him that. He has a lot of things to handle right now. The last thing he needs is for me to poke my nose into his business.

I wanna tell him that Allah will not give burden to someone more than he can bear, but he doesnt believe in God. I wanna tell him that patience brings the reward of Jannah, but he doesnt believe in that either. So I told him that everything will be alright. I pray for everything to be alright. I really do. He is very dear to me. I am going to be really really sad if anything happens to him. Or his family. 

Ahhh I feel like crying now. Excuse me for being so emotional today. Hehehe

Now I have to go take a shower, pray, take a nap and then go to the hospital after Isya'. Need to look for any new patients. And I gotta get back home early tonight. Have to prepare summary for all the cases.

And I have to wake up early tomorrow! And get to the hospital early! Dont wanna be late any more!

Okayy byebyee. You have a good dayy!!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013


So we have to go to another country then?

Hahahaha :P

Source from NST

Yeahhh! :D

If you excuse me, I am gonna do my work now.

Need to prepare a case for tomorrow. On Diabetic Foot Ulcer.

But this patient is going to be discharged today.

Maybe I need to prepare on another case : Closed intertrochanteric fracture of left femur

Okay okayy I'm going I'm goingggggg

You have a GOOD dayyyyy! :D

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Optometry Clinic

First of all, here is an interesting stuff I found in the ward today:

All flesh and blood!

ps. I assisted the nurses to change his dressings ;)

Infographic from USA. I get it from here.

These are the fingers (8 fingers and 2 thumbs) of a Chinese aunty in Ward 2A.

Can you describe the differences?


Comparison. Taken from here.

From Ortho Clinic

Now I am gonna write about my eye check-up at IIUM Optometry Clinic at IIUM Jalan Hospital Campus, Kuantan. You have to make an appointment first before you can attend the session.

First, you have to pay RM5 and show your IC for registration. They will open a new file for you.

Fill in your personal details
Then you are clerked by a student. That was a fourth year IIUM optometry student.

I did ask for his name but I cant quite remember it now.

After that, he will perform the check-up for you.

It was a bit awkward, having your cornea examined by a guy from a close distance. I thought his hands were trembling when he did the examination! I felt like laughing, but of course I didnt.

Who is not nervous when you have to do a check-up on a medical student (of opposite gender) who is from the same university and of the same age as you are? I would feel the same way if I were him!

  It was a 2-hour check-up. There were tests to assess visual acuity, visual field, colour blindness, ability of your eyes to focus, test for squint eyes, symmetry of eyes, muscles of eyes, pupil reaction, cornea, intraocular pressure etc.

There were times when you have to 'dye' your eyes! He put like a fluorescent eye drop into my eyes, then I saw orange! Only for a moment lah. After that all became normal again.

The result stated that my eyes are HEALTHY! :D

In the end of the session, the eye specialist said that for patients with normal eyes, they were advised to come for another check-up once a year.

So yeah! I'll go again next year (maybe)

ps. I'll ask for a female student next time! Hehehehe

Pictures taken from here. If you wanna know more about the clinic, read the website okayy.

So yeahh. We put 'I Care' in the 'Eye Care' ;)

Ok. What else what else?

My Mom bought Red Velvet Cake.

I got my subscription....and a CD! For FREE!

Havent heard it yet!

Okay. Talk to you next time!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's up!

So here are the stuff that I havent told you yet:

On Monday morning, the five of us were scheduled to be in the OT. Prof.Hafiz was there. He let one of us scrub and assist him in his operation! How cool is THAT?

But you have to watch your attitude when being in OT. Make sure to go inside the operation room before the surgeon comes. Clerk all cases in OT. Ask the specialist/MOs if you can present the case (Prof.Hafiz doesnt like presentation in OT, but you can ask from MOs). Stay inside the room from beginning till the end. Don't go out too frequent. If the surgeon asks you to scrub with him, make sure to do it correctly (better if you learn it beforehand). Learn how to wear OT gown and how to wear the gloves!

I had my first experience being a surgeon's assistant! It was not fun! My hands were trembling when Prof.Hafiz asked me to hold the patient's thigh! I was nervous! Seriously! Hahaha

Go out of the OT at 1pm, not a second before that!

We only had the chance to watch two operations (both were arthroscopy on patients with medial meniscus tears) because we had Seminar on Management and Complications of Fractures at 2pm.

Edited picture of the OT.

I had my second on call that Monday too, with Miss Ardilla. She is so cool! I like her already!! :D

 (But I dont think I wanna be a specialist like her, I'd rather stay at home! Hehehe)

I totally should move them a lil bit closerrr, hehehe
There were only two admissions that night. One was the 16-year-old distal tibial fracture due to MVA and the other one was an uncle with Necrotising Soft Tissue Injury (NSTI). He was advised to remove his leg (below knee amputation) because he also have End Stage Renal Failure. NSTI can worsen his renal status if preventive measure is not taken. But he refused! 

I am not sure what's his status now, I havent heard from him.

Went home late again!

Today we went to Ortho Clinic with our mentor, Mr.Shukrimi. 

We met patients with Gouty Tophi, Non-union fracture and Elbow dislocation. We also watched two patients had their dressings changed.

In the ward this evening, we watched the doctors desloughed a patient's foot, to remove all the dead tissues. The patient's diagnosis is Wet Gangrene.

Even if you give me RM100, I dont wanna do the procedure by myself!

So I guess that's all for now. I'll see you next time! :)

Initially I was having second thought about posting that picture online (with medico-legal issue and stuff) but my friend said I dont have to worry since there are not many people who read my blog!

So in case that I am getting sued, I'll put the blame on that friend of mine! Hahahha


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Shocking Video

My Mom showed me this video just now.

Good job, Umi. I am now terrified!

It's scary to think how cruel people can be. If I were given a choice, I would want to live in the safest city on Earth. Wherever that place is, I dont mind. I'll move there! Seriously.

First Ortho Oncall

We have to attend oncalls for at least 10 times. 

In Orthopaedics, the oncall starts from 6pm until 12am.

Yes, like 12 in the midnight!

Our first time staying up late at the hospital with our supervisor, Dr.Ariff

Met a patient with midshaft fracture of humerus due to alleged fall from a 7-feet-high lorry. Closed Manipulative Reduction (CMR) was done under Pethidine and Midazolam.

There were eight new admissions last night. We followed Dr.Ariff see the cases : Gunshot injury, Alleged snake bite, Ligamentous knee injury, Axilla abscess, Sacral sore, Foot fracture due to motorspike injury and Laceration wounds over knee with bone exposed. 

We watched CMV and Cylinder Slab application in the procedure room. Dr.Ariff taught us how to read X-ray. I wouldnt classify oncall until 12am as fun, but it was educational.

We finished at 12.05am. I went back home and there was a road block at Beserah.

No idea what was that for.

Reached home at 1240am. Received text message from a friend, asking if I have safely arrived at home. Got a call from my bestfriend, offering her room to share just in case I wanted to stay at hostel.

Driving at night was kinda fun. There were less cars on the road. I used the city road compared to the highway because my Mom said that it was dark and dangerous in the highway.

If I use the highway, I will reach home a lot faster than using the city road. And I can drive over the speed limit too (It's forgiven since it's night time, rightt?)

Well, doesnt matter. Its good enough that my Mom let me drive at night.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ortho Clinic

So we are going to be in Orthopaedic Clinic and OT next week!

You have a good day!! :D

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Bad Day!!

I am now in the lecture hall.

I came 5 minutes late to the class this morning because I couldnt find any parking spots near the campus. I had to to park near the hospital and walk like thousands metres to the class. It was totally my fault. I should have come earlier.

When my friend texted me that our lecturer had locked the door, I was almost there! I knocked at the door, but the lecturer didnt seem to notice. Or he didnt want to let me in.

So I just stood outside the hall and listened to him talking, through the door. Well, I missed the first few minutes of the lecture because I was busy crying. Hahaha.

And when the nursing students finished their class, and they sat on the sofa outside, I couldnt listen anymore. They were so noisy! Arghh. I really wished I was listening from inside.

That was the first time I had this experience. It was NOT fun at all, trust me. Moral of the story : DONT COME LATE TO CLASS!!

When the class was almost finished, I heard our lecturer asked who are his mentees. I was like, GODD, I AM HIS MENTEE!! Way to give a good impression to him, Ain. Good job good job!

I quickly met him outside and said sorry for coming late to class. He asked me why and I explained. He said that the class was supposed to start at 815am. And I said I was just 5 minutes late.


Oh. I have class now. Byebye!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 10 : Flying to MALAYSIA!! :D

This is our LAST DAY in Seoul!! :D

Ready to go back home!!

Like REAL home! In Malaysiaaa!! :D

We reached the airport

Took care of the Portable WiFi

Checked in

Ate lunch

Instant lunchhh

A family gave us grapes! SO SWEET! :')

Then we said GOODBYE to BUSAN!
To South Korea!
Malaysiaa, we miss you!! :D

Jehan brought back Korean stuff

We bought the snacks

All in all, it was a tiring but FUN trip!! :D

ps. YAY! Finally I have all 10 days completed!!

I should get myself rewarded!! :D

As for nowww, I am going to beddddd!!




Korea D9 Pt3 : Meeting Seongjin :)

So we ate dinner at a cafe :)

The inside view

From Seongjin's phone

From our camera :)


Mushroom soup


Then we went back to Ewha to shop for the last time before we fly back to Malaysia.

After that, we went straight back to the guesthouse, to pack our stuff!

This guy looks familiar!

Cute bench!

This one too!

DAY 9 - DONE!! :D

Korea D9 Pt2 : Free Market, Hello Kitty Cafe

Oh yeah. Then we went to Free Market!

Let's go!

She is drawing on a glass!

Looks kinda cool.



So many stalls!

With so many stuff to see!


What shop is that?

Ohh. This one is Hello Kitty Cafe! :D

Let's go inside!

The menu

Cute stuff!

T-shirts? Awww.

The counter

The doll!! :D

Ordered! We wanted to buy waffles but they were all sold out!

Lepak lepak

Omo omo

More kitties!

Let's see the toilet!


So cute laaa


The dining area

Hellooo!! HELLO!! :D

Up the stairs to the tables

What are they doing?

Busy staffs

1100 TO 2400

Then we walked back home! #standforsomething

Superbar Super7


The park in front of our guesthouse

We took a break before we went out again to meet Seongjin :)

Next post!!