Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Bad Day!!

I am now in the lecture hall.

I came 5 minutes late to the class this morning because I couldnt find any parking spots near the campus. I had to to park near the hospital and walk like thousands metres to the class. It was totally my fault. I should have come earlier.

When my friend texted me that our lecturer had locked the door, I was almost there! I knocked at the door, but the lecturer didnt seem to notice. Or he didnt want to let me in.

So I just stood outside the hall and listened to him talking, through the door. Well, I missed the first few minutes of the lecture because I was busy crying. Hahaha.

And when the nursing students finished their class, and they sat on the sofa outside, I couldnt listen anymore. They were so noisy! Arghh. I really wished I was listening from inside.

That was the first time I had this experience. It was NOT fun at all, trust me. Moral of the story : DONT COME LATE TO CLASS!!

When the class was almost finished, I heard our lecturer asked who are his mentees. I was like, GODD, I AM HIS MENTEE!! Way to give a good impression to him, Ain. Good job good job!

I quickly met him outside and said sorry for coming late to class. He asked me why and I explained. He said that the class was supposed to start at 815am. And I said I was just 5 minutes late.


Oh. I have class now. Byebye!!

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