Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Ortho Oncall

We have to attend oncalls for at least 10 times. 

In Orthopaedics, the oncall starts from 6pm until 12am.

Yes, like 12 in the midnight!

Our first time staying up late at the hospital with our supervisor, Dr.Ariff

Met a patient with midshaft fracture of humerus due to alleged fall from a 7-feet-high lorry. Closed Manipulative Reduction (CMR) was done under Pethidine and Midazolam.

There were eight new admissions last night. We followed Dr.Ariff see the cases : Gunshot injury, Alleged snake bite, Ligamentous knee injury, Axilla abscess, Sacral sore, Foot fracture due to motorspike injury and Laceration wounds over knee with bone exposed. 

We watched CMV and Cylinder Slab application in the procedure room. Dr.Ariff taught us how to read X-ray. I wouldnt classify oncall until 12am as fun, but it was educational.

We finished at 12.05am. I went back home and there was a road block at Beserah.

No idea what was that for.

Reached home at 1240am. Received text message from a friend, asking if I have safely arrived at home. Got a call from my bestfriend, offering her room to share just in case I wanted to stay at hostel.

Driving at night was kinda fun. There were less cars on the road. I used the city road compared to the highway because my Mom said that it was dark and dangerous in the highway.

If I use the highway, I will reach home a lot faster than using the city road. And I can drive over the speed limit too (It's forgiven since it's night time, rightt?)

Well, doesnt matter. Its good enough that my Mom let me drive at night.


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