Monday, September 02, 2013


Hello Hello Hello! :)

I am back on my laptop again! YES! It feels so good! SO SO GOOD! :)

Ohh how I miss Malaysia! :)

A quick update. My holiday is now over, so I am back to school as a fourth year med student, studying Forensic Medicine for 2 weeks. After that, we will have Introduction to Psychiatry for 2 weeks. 

[Images taken from our batch's Facebook group]

The good thing about 2 weeks of Forensic is that we dont have to sit for exam in the end of the weeks! Hehe I love that!

Later on we are going into specific postings in small groups. The postings are Orthopaedic, Community Medicine and specialized postings like Oral-HNS, Ophthalmology, Anaesthesiology, Radiology and Skin (Dermatology).

I am in Group B, so the 8 of us will start Ortho first after Psychiatry!
I'm in the same group with my best friend, Yun! :D

Oh. About Korea. If you ask me what was my most memorable experience while I was there, I would say.... Meeting Seongjin!

If you see my Instagram posts, you would know how she looks like :)

But if you don't, here here.

Peace! ;)
She is a Korean, living in Seoul and works in a Tourist Information Center. I met her from an internet travel website. Months before our trip to Korea, I sent her a few emails to ask some questions about Korea and she had been very helpful.

A day before we left Seoul, we decided to meet up for dinner. So there we were, eating Korean cuisine together. She was super nice! And she knew about halal food :) 

That was my first time meeting a person from internet face-to-face. It wasnt that bad! I should try that again! Hahaha

And of course, the shoes-shopping! The shoes are CUTE! 
I bought four pairs of shoes there! Hahaha
I'll tell you more about our 10 days of Korea trip later, okay! I have to transfer all the pictures into my laptop first before I start writing.

Oh yeah. One more thing.

This is very cool! You see, all Fourth Year students have to undergo an elective posting next year. We can either undergo attachment in a hospital or do a research project locally or ABROAD!! Provided that you have the financial means to go overseas!

Posting period : 14th July to 30th August 2014 (6 weeks)
And if we go abroad, we'll spend our Eid-Ul-Fitr there! 
Those who fail to obtain any place for Elective posting may not be promoted to Year 5! :O
We have to make a proposal and submit it by 3rd February 2014! If our proposal is accepted, only then we can proceed.

My friend and I are thinking of doing our attachment overseas. It would be so COOL! You can learn new cases, meet new people and explore new places!

If we wanna do that, there will be a lot of things to consider. Like we have to find cheap flight tickets, where do we wanna stay, where will we eat, travel money etc. Which country will we go to? That requires research!

All in all, I am excited just thinking about it! I know it would be for medical purpose (we have to submit 10 case summaries in the end of posting) but still! This is a GOLDEN opportunity that I wouldnt miss for the world! :D

Oh. It's getting late now. I should go to bed. 


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