Thursday, September 05, 2013

Korea D1 Pt1 : Flying to Busan

So.... I finally get all the pictures in my laptop! 

Enjoy the First Day of our Korea Trip on Friday, 23/8/13!

Korean Won (KRW) - CHECK!
1000 won = RM 3
And a bit of USD - CHECK!
Secretary in action ;)
Treasurer and CEO ;)
Now everyone can fly!
Marrybrownn coffeee!!!
Passport - CHECK!
Waitingg for the flight
Siapa belakang Jehan tu?! Hantuuu!!! :O
On the plane, cam-whoringgg
Censoreddd :P

Malaysian Meal - Nasi Lemak with Rendang

Japanese Meal - Rice with Chicken Teriyaki
Indian Meal - Nasi Beriyani with Chicken
The journey took almost 7 hours. We arrived at Gimhae International Airport, Busan at about 1pm. Busan is 1 hour ahead of KL.

Hello Busan! :D
Taking a bus to airport terminal
The first thing to do - snapping pictures!

And went to toilet, hehe.
This is called a Bidet.
See that butt-shaped button? Press that to get waterrrr! ;)
We went to rent a Portable WiFi and get some pamphlets/maps from Tourist Information Center.
The TV Area
Then we took a bus to go to Busan Station.
Because our motel was near the area.
In the bus
Busy CEO. The Secretary too.
It was raininggg!
The bus stopped near Busan Station.
After few minutes of walking, we had arrived at the motel!! :D

I'll tell you more about Pusan Inn and other things in my next post!

I'm going to bed now. Gooddnightt!!

You have a good day! :)

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