Saturday, September 07, 2013

Korea D1 Pt2 : Pusan Inn, KTX, Korea Heritage

I have some time before I go to Kak Lini's house for Jamuan Hari Raya at 12pm today.

So here. This is Pusan Inn.

The CEO aka my eldest sister checked us in and settled the payment.
Smile! :D
This is what the room looked like. Yeah, no bed, no mattress :)
Computer, TV, Fridge etc.
The bathroom. They provided us with small-sized towels!
Like the Good Morning face towel!
That evening after prayer, we went to KTX station to buy our train tickets Busan to Seoul and Seoul to Busan. 

The station during the day
Waiting in line
She helped us with the tickets
Busy station
When you put in 10,000 won, you get 10 x 1,000 won.
Very useful machine!
After that, we went on to buy Metro tickets to Seomyeon because we were going to Busan National Gugak Center to watch a performance.

Trying to find the destination
Trying to decide on the amount of money needed
On our way, we met this very helpful Korean lady who helped us with the direction
We took pictures together :)
After walking for several minutes after we get off the bus in Seomyeon, we were kinda lost. Hahaha. We asked a Korean uncle for direction but we didnt understand his words (he was speaking in Korean language!).

So he stopped a taxi and asked him to bring us to the center. And he paid the taxi fare for us. How kind!!

Finally we reached the center and bought our tickets.

The show was called Heritage of Korea.
Basically you get to watch beautiful ladies and good-looking guys perform Korea's traditional dance and singing!

The performances include six of Korea’s 15 Intangible Cultural Heritages designated by UNESCO, including:

1. Jongmyojeryeak (an elaborate performance of ancient court music with accompanying dance)
2. Cheoyongmu (a Korean mask dance based on the legend of the son of the Dragon King)
3. Pansori (vocal and percussional music performed by a singer and drummer)
4. Gagok (vocal music of female and male voices accompanied by small musical instruments)
5. Arirang (Korean folk song and unofficial national anthem) 
6. Ganggangsullae (a traditional dance that incorporates singing, dancing, and playing and is exclusively performed by women)

Source: this website.

Outside the performance hall
Posing with the performers :)
A bit dark though. I have no time to edit the picture, so.. yeah. Hehehe
Going backkkk satisfied :D
Passing the station at night
Bought the famous Banana Milk. Tasty!

So that's the end of our first day in Busan, Korea! I'll update more later.

Now I have to go get my cake in the oven, take a shower and get ready before my friend Farah comes to pick me up! 

See you later. Bye bye!!

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