Monday, September 09, 2013

Korea D2 Pt1 : Haedong Yonggung Temple

Here's how our second day in Korea started!

Passing Busan station, drinking coffee :)
No commentt ;)
Took the subwayyy
In the subway, people were busy doing their own stuff
Haeundae station where we had to take a bus to the temple
Ececececehhh ;)
Now we are in the bus!
Off we go! To the temple!
Eh ehhh?!
Gediks! Hahahaha
We had reached our first destination! Look at the signboard! :D
This ahjumma was selling heotteok!
We bought two! One piece for 1000 won.
It's a popular Korean street snack, a sugar-filled pancake
This is how the temple looks like, up there!
A closer look
Their God
People praying
The statue
A group picture :)
Beautiful view, subhanallah! :)
Gotcha!! :D
Stairway to heaven? Hehehe
Jehan with her umbrellaaaa
Not sure what is written there
Amazing vieww!!
Say Kimchiiiiii!! :D
Ahhh. It was raining on our way back
Aliennnn!!!! ;D
They all didnt wanna wear the green raincoat, so I was given the honour to wear it! Hahaha

After that, we went to go visit a beach! And Daiso! And lots more! So stay tune okayy!


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