Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Korea D2 Pt2 : Haeundae Beach, Daiso, Jagalchi Market, BIFF

So here is the continuation of our second day in Korea :

We were going to the beach!!
Walking walking walking...
..and we had arrived!!
Looking at the map
The view, too bad it rained!
Moving toilets
On our way back, we stopped at Daiso
The inside view of the shop
Then we went to Jagalchi market
Passing this shop on our way (dont ask me what's written there, haha)
This is the ground floor of Jagalchi market
It's a seafood market!
Busy place!
Then we went up!
Dried fish area
So you see dried fish..
And more!
Asking for direction
This man showed us the way
Ahh. So the restaurant is on the third floor!
Ahjummas looking suspiciously, hahaha
They love being photographed!
The place that we were gonna eat!
This lady helped us out with the menu, and that guy took our picture :)
Doing It? ;)
Astaghfirullah.... tutup mata! Seksi tu! :P
Side dishes came first! Peas, corns and potatoes!
The main dish
Eels! Looks delicious!
Ahhhh that makes me HUNGRYYYY!!
The ahjummas wrote us the number we had to pay :)
They said we are Yeppo! Hahaha
Mainly because we have bigger eyes than them
Then we went to GS25 to find a T-money card
Asking the staff about it! They do sell the card, we were so lucky!
Then we went to Busan International Film Festival street
The map the map!
The entrance
The red-and-yellow umbrellas with PIFF signs!
Walking again and again and again~
Looking at the view..
...and the stalls..
...and more stalls...
...and the sign...
The signatures of famous people and their handprints..
..all over the place!
Then we went to Busan Tower! Next post okay!

My old friend is staying over at my house tonight!
We had desserts at ECM, then talked and talked! ;)

And still talking :D
It's getting late now! We better get to sleep!

Bye byeee!! :)


  1. Hi! Very nice pictures u have there. May I know how do you get from Haeundae beach to jagalchi market? By train or bus? How the duration to get there? Sorry for so many questions. Just too excited to visit Busan hehe. Thanks kak!

  2. Hi! :) I think we took the train to Jagalchi market. Cant remember how long it took, sorry! Boleh tanya uncle Google ;) Have fun in Busan!