Friday, September 13, 2013

Korea D3 Pt1 : Taejongdae Park (Sea Viewing Points + Jiwoo Love Story in Busan)

Our third day started in Taejongdae Park!

Took the bus!


Random shop on the way

We had reached our destination!

Crossing the road

Ohh what are we gonna do?

We got time for breakfast since we came early to the park

All area - NO SMOKING!

Now we start walking, okay!

Resort Park

Oh. Take a picture first! ;)

What are you looking for?

Ah. The money to buy the tickets!
But unfortunately, it rained in the morning, so the train was not open to service yet

The directions

So we walked!


Ok ok. Snap!

Sea Viewing Point!


Amazing view!


Someone helped us taking group picture :)

Then we walked again


See how HUGE the park is? Seriously!

Now we reached another viewing point


Jehan promoting Gatorade :)

We stopped to buy a waffle!

Looks like Yong Tau Fu, right?

Haa! We saw this exhibition!

Recognise her? Yeah I know.

Scary lah! Hahahaha

I like this shot ;)


Pretty girl!

More of her.


On the bus

And lots of her pictures there!


We went out from the building

And had group pitchaaaa!!! :D

Ohhhh. We hadnt finished with this park yet.

You HAVE to see the Lighthouse and the Cliff!!

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