Friday, September 13, 2013

Korea D3 Pt3 : Gamcheon Culture Village

I need to finish uploading all 10 days of our Korea trip pictures before I go back to school on Tuesday. I hate to procrastinate any longer! Let's see if I can do this on time!

Ok. Let's start!

Sign to the village

Creative trousers-pots!

The map! Yeah. The village is HUGE!

Information center to get our own map

See the birds up on the roof?

They have human heads! :O

We have to follow the fish

It's like a guide to where we should go

Follow the fish!

Otherwise you'll be LOST!

See? Told you it's a huge place!

With small and narrow lanes

Every projects have their own sign and explanation

Like this House of Light.
That photographer is soo unproffesional, hahaha

This is one of the Alley Projects they have there

It is called Forever

Tree of Hope

Hoping for something, girls? ;)

House of Peace

Looks really peaceful, isnt it? 

View of the village and other buildings


Group selfie!


Doodles and writings

Another alley project


148 Stairs to see Stars

Do you see stars? :)

We went to the Community Center

Took a break for a while

And posing, of course of course

We can see many framed photographs there



Great colours!

In umbrellas


Oitt wake up wake up! Get back to work!

We saw this very cute dog!

Can't help it! Hehehe

Tracing our way back


They were wearing couples' t-shirts! SUPER COOL!

On the stairs!

Peace yo!

We opted to do it the less dangerous way, hahaha

The fish The fishh

The Dark House!

It's really dark, I used Flash when taking this pic

We went to Observatory

Bored already? Hahaha

President's Visit

Looking at the map

Why so serious?

Smiling with the Fishhh

Face Each Other


Another cute dog!!!

Bye Bye Gamcheonn Villagee!!! :D

After that, we went to eat Dinner!!

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