Saturday, September 14, 2013

Korea D4 Pt2 : Hanbok, Namsan Guesthouse, Nanta Cooking Show

We had booked our turn to try Hanbok. It was going to be at 4:30 pm. 

So after we finished walking along Myeongdong street, we went to M Plaza. 

5th Floor, where Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center is located.

There. See?

The entrance

Security guard? Hehe

The information counter

Waiting for our turn

Pamphletes and maps

More brochures

The Experience Hall!

The staff

The place where we changed clothes

Now it's our turn! Yayy!!


This okay?

Ok. Now take pictures!

Haaiii abangggg~~

Group photo!

With a fan

Malu laaa~~~ hehehe

Macam nak solat je tu~

Yeppo? ;)

Then we walked back to our guesthouse


Street food

The bar is above 7E? Cool!

A Twosome Place ;)

Pacific Hotel

Arts University

It's our guesthouse!!

The hallway

Inside the room

The room is pretty small, actually

The toilet inside the room
Going downstairs

News board

Musim Autumn Bersalji.. Ekau Ado?? Hahaha

We planned on leaving our picture here too ;)

We then went out again


Uuuu.. Lemon juice!!

To Nanta theater!!


Cookin' Nanta is a really fun cooking show!

The info

Take picture firstt

Today's Actors - RED TEAM!


Bought drinks!

We were not allowed to take any pictures or record videos inside the hall
But I did take one of the stage, in the end of the performance

It was a REALLY FUN show!!

Yeahh we saw thatt!!

Super cool!


More review!

"A Percussive Symphony of flying food and flashing blades" - Scottland on Sunday 

After that, we went back home feeling very entertained!! :D

 End of Day 4!! 


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