Monday, September 16, 2013

Korea D6 Pt1 : Go Woon Dang Hanok Guesthouse, Deoksugung Palace

Today is the last day of us staying in Namsan Guesthouse!

The kitchen

We had breakfast here


And jams

We went up to the rooftop

Like a bat!

Yeah. We left our picture there ;)

Off we go! To Hanok Guesthouse!

There! We had arrived!

We checked in and left our luggage there first

Outdoor toilet and bathroom

The kitchen

Slept on the floor againn, hehe

Then we went out!

Where to?

City Hall station!

Yes Yes, I am definitely not alone if I sit beside you :)

The palace!
The guards


Hey hey where you goinn

Take picture firstt

Hehehehe. Like a warrior! :D

The drum!

The arts

Bought tickets!

Free traditional clothing experience? Nahh we didnt try thatt

Oh oh wait. I hear something!


The Changing Guard Ceremony!

Boom Boom Boom


So Cool!

What's inside the box?

Shhhh it's starting!

There you go

Bye Bye guards

New guards are on duty now!

Finished already?



Okay Okay

Almost done?

Not yet?

Okay. Done!

Oh. Can take picture? :)

The new Warrior on duty

Whoahh Cool outfit!

Together! Oh yeah, that guy asked us to be in the picture ;)
He's from Phillipine I thinkk

Now let's go inside!

Read it up!!

The plan

A palace in the middle of the city!

The building

More writings


What's that for?

Standing tall

Pretty pretty


Ohhh? Relaxing?

Read it I say!

Down down down

Nice nice

All buildings look the same to me!


Hmm what are these?

Omak kau terkejut!!

We didnt explore all areas in the palace because it was HUGE!

And we would want to go to another palace too!

Come come, I'll show you! :D

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