Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Korea D7 Pt1 : J Guesthouse, War Memorial of Korea (Indoor)

We only stayed in Hanok Guesthouse overnight. 

We had breakfast before we checked out!

Not bad not bad :)

Then we went to J Guesthouse there

Very comfortable room!

We had washing machine, and kitchen and TV! :D
This is the COOLEST guesthouse!
They have beds!! ;)
(But the towels are still small in size,  hehe)

Then we went outt!


It's raining??

The map of The War Memorial of Korea!
Whoahh it's a HUGE place!



Prayingg =..=



Opening and closing time

Let's go!


Memorial Hall

Look up!

We honor these fallen heroes who sacrificed their life for the country 

Eternal Light



Photo area :D

Reunion of the Fallen Brothers after 60 years

There are bones under there!
If you are a History lover, you are gonna like these! My sister took all the pictures here!

Background of the War

North Korean Invasion

Incheon Amphibious Landings and Advance to the North

Chinese Communist Forces' Offensive and UN Forces' Counterattack

Deadlock of Battle Lines and Ceasefire


North and South Koreas

More readings =..='

Soviet Union Armed North Korean Forces

Heroes of Songaksan Battle

A Calm before a Storm

Helping out

What are you doingg? HELP HIM!!

The painting



Flyingg up in the air!

What's that?

Like a real man!


Vroom vroom!

Final Defense Line

Raising the flag

Atrocities committed by North Koreans!

Civil Affairs and Psychological Warfare

Chronology of Korean War

Commanders of the Korean War

At the table

South Koreans

Follow My Order, and March North!

Stalemated Battles and the Signing of the Armistice Agreement

Chinese Communist Forces' Offensive and UN Forces' Counterattack

Cross the 38th Parallel and Advance to the Amnok (Yalu) River

Background of the Operation to the North



Is he real? :O

No talking or passing of article between the fence!

Truce Talks and Signing of the Korea-US Mutual Defense Treaty

Continued Division by the Ceasefire Line and the Establishment of the DMZ

Aftermath and Lessons from the War


Definition of the Korean War Abductees

Primary Reason & Purpose of Wartime Abduction

Unfinished War, Unforgettable War

Awwwwww :')

The UN in the Korean War

A Drop

UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea


For the first time in the world

The Driving Forces and Leaders of the UN Forces

The Process of the Commitment of the UN Forces in the Korean War

First UN Forces Commander, Sir Douglas MacArthur

War and Family


War and Friendship

War and Love

I wanted to be there with you :')


Sad story :'(

Buried together :')


The 25-kg full combat gear!

The uniforms

More more


The Drop

The War!

Work together!

Hehehehe :D

So COOL,, I know!

They have green screen!

Hahahhaha I look funny!

Yeah. Because of my green headscarf again the green backdrop, the picture that we took looked weird!
So I covered my head! Hahahaha
ps. Don't wear GREEN against a GREEN SCREEN!

Photo Zone!

You can choose which one you like

Military equipment in background

War Memorial in background

Flying objects

Where are we going now?

Follow me!

I'll show you something COOL!


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