Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Korea D8 Pt2 : KBS

Okay. Now were going to KBS!!

The way

Across the street


Can you read that?

Yeouido Park!

Passing the basketball court



KBS Building!
But we didnt enter this one!

It's the other building - KBS On

Vehicles parked in front

White van

And the inside



The opening hours

Come on in!

Walk upstairs!

Here we are!

Virtual studio!

Blue screen?


I am in TV!!

Weirddddd Hahahha

Ohh what does it say?

That scandal movie!

2 Days 1 Night!!

Nottt sexy and tall enoughhh :P

Hey guysss!

Oh hi hi hi :)

Can I be the leader instead? :P

School kids

Awwwwwww. SO CUTE!


I think her name is Yuna

Now I am a news broadcaster!

Should we start now?

Oh wait. Where's my partner?

There she is!

Be serious!

Ok now live from KBS building.....

Walk walk walkk

Ohh what are those?

The radio station?


The old equipments

We had no idea who the girl was, hehe

Group picture!! :D

The radio station where Super Junior had live broadcasting (Kiss Fm?)
We didnt go watch because we didnt know the exact time of the show

Then we went back to the park, walking along the street

Angel-in-us Coffee

Off we go!

Next, we were going to watch sunset in a cruise! :D

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